Friday , August 12 2022

The Government iddettja compulsory conciliation in the conflict with pilots


The measure was issued fifteen days, a period which will be opened table & # 39; negotiations between the unions and the Government, due to strong differences in the commercial airline and travel policy & # 39; Cambiemos.

the – National Administration of Civil Aviation (ANAC) yesterday asked the Secretary of the Nation Labor dictating the conciliation after the announcement of the measure & # 39; of aeronautical gremiet force.

This was indicated by the agency through & # 39; statement, also defended his initiative to "speed up the procedures for qualifying & # 39; foreign flight instructors", which sparked the union protests.

"The reasons for the measures & # 39; power exercised by the unions distort the spirit of the regulations." So, ANAC requested compulsory conciliation for creating & # 39; area & # 39; a formal discussion of the results can be & # 39; benefit to the community and aeronautical society. b & # 39; in general ", said the ANAC.


Yesterday, the dispute between the aeronautical organizations and the Government added a new chapter to the saga of the announcement of & # 39; & # 39 new strike; 48 hours.

The portfolio holder, Guillermo Dietrich, Anticipated that the Government reviewed the measures taken to reduce the protest. However, the official remarked against trade unionists for their attitudes "patoterieles" at the time of calling a new strike.

The truth is that The new measure of force launched by the unions against the government business aviation policy. F & # 39; this opportunity, the point & # 39; conflict between the Transport and isonawtika was caused by resolution of the National Administration of Civil Aviation (ANAC) to make more flexible permits pilots foreigners in the country.

aeroparque.jpg unemployment


In dialogue with the press, Dietrich had already anticipated that the government's decision to stop unemployment. For now, he had consulted with & # 39; if the officer will ask the Transport Ministry of Labor conciliation compulsory removal of the measure. Although the minister has avoided giving specific definitions, is finally use that measure to decommission the measure of force.

From the portfolio are considered the strike & # 39; aeronautics at the new resolution is irrational. In offices run Dietrich, they argue that the measure aims to ANAC Argentine pilots who worked abroad to revalidate their license with & # 39; & # 39 by way more; agile. "It used to take 40 days and now just a week", are indicated in the corridors of the Ministry.

In addition, the Transport sources stressed that the resolution also allows foreign pilots come to the country as teachers to provide training b & # 39; as "less bureaucratic".

Apart from the dispute over permits for foreign pilots, the truth is that there is still a wage dispute with the aeronautical unions. The last week, meeting Aerolineas Argentinas had with the unions failed because the state company intended to analyze the case of the 376 suspended employees and unionists put as a condition to advance negotiations to cancel those sanctions.

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