Monday , June 5 2023

The indictment of the head & # 39; security & # 39; Boca: "The aggression against organized micro"


In the past return of the Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores, the unthinkable happened. Group & # 39; & # 39 supporters; River attacked with stones and Bad articles for Boca micro when he was about to enter landmark.

This repudiable action caused injuries in & # 39; several players (the most affected was midfielder Pablo Pérez) and the driver of the omnibus, which led to the suspension of the game (has been rescheduled for this -serata f & # 39; 17).

Juan Tagliaferro, Head & # 39; security & # 39; Boca, Was emphatic in & # 39; interview & # 39; Crónica to argue that the attack on the campus xeneize planned. "Was organized aggression. After watching the videos, I think so. They were jistennewkna corner, and would have been jistennewna f & # 39; corner, was organized, "he said smoothly.

"At all times we know where they will pick up, transfer carried out in the best conditions, we had no problem to the vicinity of the stadium", he said. And then, he added: "If measures are not taken by & # 39; correct way, it's an ambush".

Tagliaferro also highlighted the actions of the bus driver to avoid "disaster". "We were lucky that the driver, Lost for receiving stone in his ribs, he jitlefx the micro control. B & # 39; so many people who were there, were able & # 39; a disaster, "he said.

"The players went to the bed late, because where lived shock. Some had a hard time sleeping", acknowledged the security chief. He also stated that "the players are not afraid".

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