Monday , September 26 2022

the indignazzjoni famous by accidents in the Superfinal


the – accidents in the preview of the Superfinal from Copa Libertadores are raised – suddenly a & # 39; many artists, conductors and celebrities, who took the opportunity to show in Twitter.

Susana Giménez It was one of them: "X & # 39; is happening to God for Argentinean! Why so much violence, so much hatred and so little security? Had had the window open? Why rival fans left in row & # 39; before? They do not have to play, is punishment for everyone. "


On the other hand, Jorge Rial He expressed regret for the incident, which left several players Boca affected. "He stopped importing the game, the result, the party and the cup, I come back because of the accident. I felt the desire and joy. We can not organize anything. Go fuck yourself, "is published.


"X & # 39; all eagerness! Stones for micro, the pepper gas, the players injured, bars and police clashes at the stadium entrance. Embarrassing! " Marcelo Tinelli.


Jimena Barón, Luciana Salazar, Chano Charpentier, Dalma Maradona, Mónica Ayos, Guillerma Valdes, Gabriel Batistuta and up Ricardo Montaner Twittera joined catharsis.

Luciana Salazar

Guillermina Valdés

Jimena Barón

Dalma Maradona

Even Montaner was outraged

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