Friday , August 12 2022

The judgment b & # 39; & # 39 of robust, Ana Rosenfeld Juan Darthés when renouncing his defense: "What is going to face courts?"


Former judge & # 39; actor spoke after the return of & # 39; Thelma odd for violation.

Ana Rosenfeld said what she said to Juan Darthés after denunciation & # 39; Thelma odd

After – serious complaint & # 39; Thelma odd against Juan Darthés for infringement, Ana Rosenfeld He decided to break the silence and explain why decided to stop legally represent.

Of & # 39; recalled that the lawyer was announced by & # 39; Twitter was stopped defending hours of & # 39; Darthés after Argentinean actress I would like to report that I would be a press conference to report acts & # 39; sexual abuse.

After the shocking story & # 39; Thelma became public, Rosenfeld visited Intratables and explained why he was not going to report to Darthés the cause of & # 39; slander and insults before the actor began. CALU Rivero, Who accused him of harassment.

"F & # 39; You used to have one conversations with & # 39; Juan, and I say this as a woman not as a lawyer, għidtilkom" what face will go to court on Thursday? ''.

"At bill time believe in the word & # 39; Juan and is convinced that what they were really saying which was not correct. Yesterday after confirming that we are facing the seriousness of & # 39; complaint made, withdrawn & # 39; away, "he said.

"There is something to me is suggestive: the wife and his children jemmnuh. This is of the conviction that Juan told me was true (…) If I had CALU front of me, I pray apologize for not skonfinax his word", Said the lawyer about the complaint & # 39; Rivero.

Rosenfeld said and warned Darthés it ceased to represent: "The first thing I did was call Darthés and said" Juan, I limit will not defend a person or suspect, or accused, or denounced publicly or media, nor legally a crime a & # 39; such a size that is why today I present my resignation. ' "

"If I had the CALU front of me, I apologize for not apologize & # 39; done his word"

In addition, he had a very strong dialogue with & # 39; actor: "Today reimbursement and other professionals will move & # 39; forward. If you decide to run a & # 39; forward … Because f & # 39 ; one conversations You used to & # 39; Juan, and I say this as a woman not as a lawyer, I say, what face will go to court on Thursday? ".

And explained appointment with justice Darthés and CALU had this week: "Since Thursday is a very important audience, called 360, which is where the parties shall meet and judge what will determine what evidence they will produce briefly, b & # 39; what surface you will be able to face the media and reality tolqotlek b & # 39; different from what I was before yesterday? ".

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