Monday , November 29 2021

The jury of "Dancing 2018": why yes


although losing divas, The – Dancing I need & # 39; renovation and – I ngħid- cheap jury. We do not want a cease MARCE & # 39; silver if put Laurita Fernández, Florence Peña, Marcelo Polino and Angel De Brito helped save a few mangoes, we are on his side.

because Laurita is fresh, young, beautiful, b & # 39; talented, beautiful and has a peculiarity: all participants, coaches, friends of the participants, the participants relatives, friends of the illuminators, they hate her. Similar event & # 39; person generating unanimously that feeling friendly competition.

because Florence, just as versatile in & # 39; this country, added to his experience and controversial jury. The event & # 39; polyamory was one of the revelations of the year and the actress know how the weather like little media storms, even without blemish. And besides, the Flor there was back there was: for the first time did not learn the lyrics & # 39; character to television; simply copying everything Laurita and rrepetiha said, was perfect.

because Polino He knows how to be the perfect evil and, at the same time, loves. Put finger & # 39; wounds on the right, shake the wound, makes the blood drip with display exhibition and then throw hands with paper tissue carrying like French perfume. His collection & # 39; bags and bows is a spectacle in itself, and will give good dividends to La Casa del Teatro when auctioned in the future.

because de Brito Knowing how to be the perfect evil. And period. Performing the role that exercise best: bring controversies & # 39; each character and introducing road to explode there. Dancing does not know, but Ricardo Fort He does not understand, and he left his friend. The returns starting with Angel as happened with Graciela Alfano long ago, but the good thing is that tifkirax.

Because they are, as always saying and enjoy the program, are functional for the show. Virtual fundamental and necessary for them to expose themselves without bankrupt for what comes, even to accuse each other of not good enough to be there, they hope to return, to go back, to do it better, and then find back there, humiliated, and thank you for the opportunity. lovely.

Because fulfill their role, generating winning, are profitable to combine critical to dance and mud, ideal combination of & # 39; reality show. And best of & # 39; field, they handle every night b & # 39; a singular wieħbu bring the worst of the participants long lead in style. Not everyone, gentlemen, has a talent like this. Bravo!

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