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The load & # 39; Subei a cell phone, available to more users – 12/05/2018


Although the mobile application load of Subei the mobile phone continues in beta phase or in its test stage, the Ministry of Transport informed that it will now be available for download to 500,000 users.

At the launch of the app quota was only 10 thousand downloads. F & # 39; this second phase are still being made improvements but still only smartphones with & # 39; Android system. Currently the iPhone iOS platform does not allow the NFC antenna for applications & # 39; third parties.

Since the Beta Upload Subei installed can & # 39; re & # 39; close to balance or consult without having to rely on kiosks, the subway stations and other locations & # 39; load. You & # 39; also check if the card has social rate applied. Soon you'll recent journeys.

Not only does the card recorded in the application. The system works with & # 39; any Subei. B & # 39; this way payments can be made to a & # 39; third-party cards.

Upload Apply Subei, the app to takkredja payments again in Subei by phone.

Upload Apply Subei, the app to takkredja payments again in Subei by phone.

To enable & # 39; use it, you need to have the NFC technology (version 4.4.1 or higher) telephone does & # 39; Android Operating System (is & # 39; wireless communication system having a mobile phone that combines two devices by proximity), antenna compatible with Subei technology (this is known when testing application) and mobile / WIFI data.

The developers provide a list of & # 39; proven equipment compatible but, strictly, any phone with & # 39; NFC should work. Many models & # 39; medium range include the antenna (can & # 39; you need to enable the phone configuration). If the phone is not compatible, a poster will appear in the Play Store to prevent downloading.

How to load the Subei by phone

a cash payment from the house, and MercadoPago Payment applications such as All, pim or ATMs (the user can & # 39; credit up to 10 payments per day in & # 39; different card or the card Subei).

Download the application on the phone Playstore or this link.

Enter my Sottoteki the user or register if it does not have it.

Select the option you want to do (load & # 39; credit, checking balance, etc.).

Support to the Subei after phone. Keep it steady so it can & # 39; & # 39 b read, correct way. (The exact location differs depending on the cell phone, sound or vibration appmetti when it detects the card).

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