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The man who killed six cuts in his neighbor & # 39; La Plata has inkomputabbli – 07/01/2019


The man of Peruvian nationality who was arrested after killing six branches to his neighbor, 61, La Plata, is on track to be declared inkomputabbli because, according to experts, plagued by problems psychiatric.

Therefore, they decided to transfer it to the penitentiary unit & # 39; Melchor Romero, to service & # 39; permanent mental health.

According to reports of the experts, Ttito Juan José Ojeda (34), "presents psychotic episode characterized by delusional ideas, alluċinatorji phenomena, incoherent and disorganized thinking, and loss of contact with reality"

In addition, he has "affect his critical judgment itself, presents a critical nor aware of his situation or his foot, which the press said is dangerous for yourself and for third parties imminent risk of bad behavior adjusted"

For this reason, experts thospital in & # 39; suitable psychiatric institution for study and urgent treatment"

"The – man has psychiatric problems is f & # 39; position to declare"Explained to Telam investigator with access to the file.

The same source recalled that at the time was arrested by police for the crime & # 39; Silvia Ethel Canalini de Ricci (61), Ttito Ojeda was in shock and his bloody pants.

The incident occurred on Saturday, about 15, 29 Street, between 59 and 60, a & # 39; La Plata, where Ricci received six pieces chest, face and stomach, though it managed enter the garage of his property, where he died.

The attacker throw the knife on the pavement and came in his house, located near the house of the victim.

When the 5 police station agents arrived at the spot warned about what happened, they arrested the suspect.

The pain of his family

"This qerqna, instead sorpriżna, this man lived in the house next to my mother, we never rrikonoxxuh as a danger or there was something strange, neither discussion nor previous problem. He forgot his face because it was not subject & # 39; familiar conversation, nor was it ever, "explained. Klar Matías Canalini (34), the most eldest child of the victim, still surprised by what happened.

They kill women stabbata f & # 39; La Plata and arrested their neighbor.

They kill women stabbata f & # 39; La Plata and arrested their neighbor.

Ricci lived in & # 39; that house on 29 Street to 1300 with her husband, Eduardo Canalini (62). Had known mosaic in company & # 39; La Plata, which also sold slabs and marble, among other products.

Still & # 39; a few minutes at 15:00 on Saturday last when Silvia got the pavement to speak with her friend Miriam, before leaving on vacation. They had everything ready, loaded the car and the house closed. The woman waited for her husband leaves to begin the trip.

"She says they were quiet talk, and that the average man who came to a tree as it would cut some leaves … F & # 39; suddenly he stopped myself on my mother, the woman thought that would emit some something which, she understood. she was second in daħalha it. immediately my father came out of the garage, what saying he wanted to discard himself against him, but have to close the door in the face and left, came Matías into detail about the time of the attack.

Silvia Ricci (61), with her son Matías. The woman was shot to death by her neighbor, f & # 39; La Plata.

Silvia Ricci (61), with her son Matías. The woman was shot to death by her neighbor, f & # 39; La Plata.

The woman, who had another child, died as a result of the six slabs in the face, chest and her stomach.

The case was left at & # 39; hands Juan Mennucci prosecutor, the prosecutor's office at No. 5 & # 39; La Plata.

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