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The message moves & # 39; Diego Maradona Rodrigo Mora: "Fight it as it fought" – 08/01/2019


The news of & # 39; Rodrigo Mora, who on Sunday decided to retire from football, has brought thousands of & # 39; messages & # 39; support between fans and colleagues in his team & # 39; Rivers. And this Monday received the missing words. "Her fight like I ġġielduha" Diego Maradona told Uruguayan, through & # 39; Instagram post.

"We do not know each other, @ romoriita11, but you speak the same, as if naflek account ", the test begins the Ten raised to his account in & # 39; support for 31 years past, who left the professional football practice after having suffered pain during the last months of chronic necrosis.

"F & # 39; m & # 39 this; there are no colors & # 39; shirts and m & # 39; there is no passion involved. I give you my full support, "added Maradona.

And, having made a comparison with & # 39; his life, he spent heartfelt words to the situation & # 39; Mora: "I hope to continue in football, Do not allow yourself. its fight like I fought her. I had very stretched, but did hook and ħbittlu. "

The technical director & # 39; Dorado de Sinaloa ended: "Vos Tene all world health. I hope this year gives the opposite & # 39; what is happening to you. I am sending a big hug Uruguayan! "

After confirmation of his retirement, Mora received several samples & # 39; affection, and not just fans. It is tens of & # 39; players, who now play in the river or have in the past, sent their thanks and support.

For his part, Diego will undergo surgery for a small gash in his stomach. It is estimated that at & # 39; week will return for the team lead in Mexico, which debut this Saturday with defeat in TORNEO Clausura del ascent of & # 39; that country.

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