Sunday , June 26 2022

The Motorola Moto X4 update to Android 9.0 starting Pie


Since approaches & # 39; end of the year it seems that companies are accelerating the development of new versions of & # 39; Android for their old phones, aimed at jnieduhom in 2018. Motorola is one of them and has already announced that the Moto X4, one of its rapporteurs in the middle & # 39; 2017, be updated on the disease in the early autumn.

Well, a few weeks ago began the season but it is not because we're relying launching Android OTA Pie 9 for the phone, which started with The Brazil The reason is likely that the importance of & # 39; this market for Lenovo, owner & # 39; Motorola.

This mobile has been updated to Oreo at the beginning of the year as we see how the company accelerating the & # 39; update rate.

Pie with Android 9 patch & # 39; November

It is important to note that although there is a variant of the Moto X4 & # 39; Android One is the updated model is normal, that has little personalization & # 39; Motorola.

Along with the new version of the system, to implement automatic management of screen brightness or battery, we also have the latest patches available, that & # 39; November 2018.

When the update is distributed can not know how much it will take for this OTA to reach other markets like Spain, where the Moto X4 was selling well.

This model is twenty terminal to update to Android 9 Pie, having taken almost three months (119 days exactly) since it was announced the final version, f & # 39; what time the pixels have been updated, plus & # 39; any other device.

As you can see in the chart, is the first Motorola Android running on 9, but it is one of the first devices to update.

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