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The online lending firms expect to grow in 2019 after a year & # 39; volatility – Télam


Salvador Calogero, representative in Argentina of VIVUS FINTECH.

Salvador Calogero, representative in Argentina of VIVUS FINTECH.

The finance providing online loans recorded this increasing demand year to grow but remained cautious in their bid to economic volatility and increased crime, while expecting that next year there will be an improvement and plan to launch new products.

"One turn or accelerates according macroeconomics and see the risk with & # 39; automatic connection", said Ezequiel Weisstaub, CEO and co-founder & # 39; Credicuotas, a member of the Bind Group.

"We believe that in Argentina there is a great opportunity for what the financial technology," he added in & # 39; meeting with the press.

Crediquotas expects to double its customer base by 2019 and its investment portfolio grew 7 times since 2016.

"We hope everything is improved when the macro starts to calm down, lower rates and wipe out the question on employment", he said.

On the other hand, Facundo Vazquez, company director and COO of Bindi Group, stated that "the crisis does not represent a better opportunity, looking at late payments in 2001, with more ssellefx,.

With a portfolio & # 39; more than 2,000 million pesos, Crediquotas offer personal loans for the purchase of stores & # 39; durable goods, with presence in & # 39; 2500 shop; and online personal loans.

Vazquez explained that planning new developments like button & # 39; & # 39 fee; Crediquotas that "is ready to enter the market and we are doing the text & # 39; businesses to inieduha".

Last year was very good, we grew 90% in the loan amount and 60% in volume"

Salvador Caloger, FINTECH VIVUS

"I estimate that we will be in the second quarter of next year," he said.

In finishing, Juan Pablo Bruzzo, co-founder of Monte FINTECH, told Telam that the company "has been growing each year multiplied by 3 and this year will grow a little less".

"Not just the question but more a precaution before the situation & # 39; Argentina and ends understanding if the real economy will have an impact on crime", explained.

He said that delinquency "b & # 39; generally in the financial system increased to percentage levels and in the case of & # 39; Moni is less than in the financial system."

Bruzzo also referred to the funding: "Varna trust b & # 39; 100% & # 39; digital assets and May this market collapsed & # 39; many, there is little trust from the beginning of volatility".

On the other hand, Alberto García CEO & # 39; Crédito directo, who specializes in FINTECH & # 39; consumer loans through & # 39; stores, chains and motors agencies, said: "We see significant braking on consumption by mid-year, as well as systemic increase in the default view of the current situation".

"However, our prospects for 2019 are favorable, and we estimate that consumption begins its recovery by the end of the first quarter."

"For this reason, we are working hard to continue backing businesses and agencies, which are our strategic partners, and going into our digital B2C platform, which aims to attract customers looking for alternative b & # 39 , agility, simple, competitive and personalized ". to Telam.

Meanwhile, the representative in Argentina of & # 39; VIVUS FINTECH, Salvador Calogero, told Telam that "last year was very good, we kibna 90% in the amount of & # 39; loans and 60% in & # 39; volume ".

"Demand is very good but the macroeconomic situation in tqiegħedna & # 39; attention given to foreign investors, it is important to have a stable macroeconomic framework", he observed.

He said that "the group continues to announce heavily on local operation and currently gives maximum & # 39; 12 thousand to 30 days but in & # 39; March / April we plan to go into quotas, because we rely that -sitwazzjoni improve. "

"We have closed more demand for other channels, market players to offer cut rates & # 39; interest, VIVUS has real funding from its shareholder abroad", he said.

He said that "the prospect is that the next year will improve" and added that working to "create more partners that can complementing that nirrelataw with the customer long-& # 39; time, such as paid advance and secured ".

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