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The Pity has created ask for "some reinforcement" – 21/01/2019

Pity Martinez was already, at least left. M & # 39; f'Xmara longer. He said goodbye to his teammates on Saturday at the Landmark and this Sunday traveled to the US to join United in Atlanta. The last message to your people? "Qgħadni four & # 39; wonderful years. I do leave my b & # 39; this joy from Argentina."

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"Now I think about Atlanta, I see if I can come back tomorrow. It is a very important step in my career," said the player selected as the best of 2018 in & # 39; Connebol. Chances had to settle for problem & # 39; quota in the MLS team? "I do not know from where they got the quota, and I'm traveling a player & # 39; Atlanta," he said, firmly. And he said, "have completed on Sunday to say goodbye. Gallardo, beyond what was my technician, behaved very well as a person. We have other relationship that is important. It xtaqni success."

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In addition, the Pity called names to the club to help "River has a tool, to players, has inferior; Let's hope that some reinforcements arrive to help the man who is making history at the club and will continue to do so because they are a great team. River has the tools to timersonerson everything. Is a family, we have achieved in that group is very difficult. "

The sad know that without it, without Maidana, with Scocco suffering from wounds, River needs some reinforcement to help support the structure. And made it clear before leaving.

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