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The prosecutor found a new way of & # 39; K money – 12.06.2018


The Court found "Fleet Route K" new. This way, as others associated with flight & # 39; & # 39 currencies; home to launder illegal funds, also among its protagonists the partner Kirchner family, the builder of prisoners Lázaro Báez. But the investigation adding new features. The holder of the federal prosecutor's office 11, Gerardo Pollicita, requested the investigative statement financier Ernesto CLAREN, confirmed in & # 39; other file as a collector & # 39; & # 39 million; pesos coming from bribery & # 39; merchants, also claimed to have committed the offense.

Pollicita raised the judge Julián Ercolini opinion in which he requests the opening of & # 39; new cases supported by remarkable discoveries & # 39; what already seemed exhausted. Yes more financial straits b & # 39; next million from the state, to share with & # 39; original ways to launder foreign currency and benefit the construction entrepreneur.

New methods & # 39; land which way it always come up that money ran. M & # 39; roads are for vehicles, such as Lázaro Báez charge and was to end. Complex paths, though not as undetectable, showing increasingly sophisticated maneuvers & # 39; those who usually hide their profits.

The prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita. PHOTO PEDRO FERNANDEZ LAZARO

The prosecutor Gerardo Pollicita. PHOTO PEDRO FERNANDEZ LAZARO

F & # 39; in this case, moreover, hiding includes body had control and collect the payment of taxes from suppliers & # 39; Báez. According to the prosecutor, these taxes were "excused" by the authority was to be their executor and not his accomplices Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP), Headed by Ricardo ECHEGARAY.

Pollicita, which obtained the documentary contribution to the current dogs AFIP, argues that "the presidential friend" (this is the name & # 39; Báez) "Implemented between 2005 and 2009 criminal ploy ' with & # 39; what "There has been a mechanism of & # 39; recycling & # 39; an important part of & # 39; that money (multi millions to the state K to Báez) through the fiction & # 39; non-existent expenditure, with he aim to give these funds appearance & # 39; legality, of & # 39; its origins in criminal fraud to the National State ".

Pollicita estimates that Báez – f & # 39; this new Fleet Route K, with the help of & # 39; CLAREN and the rest of the accused, would be washed at least one hundred and sixty million dollars, "To finally converted into cash, b & # 39; permanently to prevent traceability."

Pollicita wrote a detailed view of & # 39; page seventy percent (nearly one million dollars each possibly washed by the accused).

The prosecutor and current management AFIP show how construction companies & # 39; Báez used features of trout companies and real suppliers but did not know who had worked for the builder, with a view to move funds to a dozen financial companies charged and returned cash amounts & # 39; audits approved by the trader companies K.

Ernesto CLAREN withdraw from the courts. Maxi Failla Photo

Ernesto CLAREN withdraw from the courts. Maxi Failla Photo

Pollicita explains the modus operandi & # 39; this maneuver & # 39; washing & # 39; new assets consisted & # 39; 'Fiction & # 39; costs that do not exist in & # 39; public works ". The shift to Gotti (another company's satellite construction under its control) of stolen funds from the national state of Austral Construcciones, not only made it possible to remove that money from Lázaro Báez, but at the same time was very useful to hide b & # 39; increased efficiency "costs" – set in & # 39; apokrifiċi factors – among millions & # 39; of & # 39 pesos; Gotti faced real costs for performing works ".

The prosecutor continues to write the summary of operations as follows: "The Gotti company was not only suitable for use in the maneuver (N R: money laundering) for the reasons mentioned, but also had a particular feature which made it functional for criminal plan: had transferred its collections and its payments to a third party, Invernes SA, controlled by financier Ernesto CLAREN. in short, it would obtain another interposition in the course of funds and step another in the distance of origin, by the respective controls were intended to cancel these apokrifiċi features are turned against Austral Construcciones, or against bills & # 39; Gotti, if not against the accounts & # 39; Invernes, bond company & # 39; Buenos Aires dedicated to financial activities, without any visible relation to fraud to the State, which in & # 39; then dropping any suspicion.

Pollicita included in its new view a list of all suppliers that do not exist, they have about a hundred.

The management & # 39; the AFIP helped these companies 'shell' with & # 39; systematic way: companies "resuscitated" trout "Lazarus, because postpone any punishment to these deadly companies, inklużihom f & # 39; generous tax holidays and very uniform.

These non-existent firms gained most effective choice of collection agency: absolutely all joined in & # 39; tax payment plans. Everything is all Role & # 39; the former head of the K AFIP, Ricardo ECHEGARAY, f & # 39; this story, newly investigated, Follows from the logic & # 39; the view of & # 39; Pollicita.

The former head of AFIP, Ricardo ECHEGARAY, also investigated. PHOTO PEDRO FERNÁNDEZ LÁZARO

The former head of AFIP, Ricardo ECHEGARAY, also investigated. PHOTO PEDRO FERNÁNDEZ LÁZARO

The prosecutor provider discovered, among others, b & # 39; in particular. His name is Gustavo Javier Blanco, worked as remittur, and was charged 40 pesos a day for his service to Gotti.

Blanco, according to documentation compiled by the current official AFIP, traveled more than his colleague Oscar Centeno, protagonist of the cause of "Cuadernos K".

Does it prove that the construction company linked & # 39; Báez collected invoices from "remisero II" to a total of & # 39; nine & # 39; million dollars.

Trajinar unlikely any route, even by K.

The Pollicita Prosecutor points out that "the conversion of & # 39; in cash" which is made in & # 39; this recently disclosed history, such as "swap & # 39; check" carried out "in & # 39; ratio very important "in & # 39; financing" belonging to Ernesto CLAREN ", called" Cooperativa de Vivienda y consumo de Crédito (Coficred) "and known until 2006 as Infecred.

Clar he could & # 39; knows CLAREN admits that his Coficred financier made out of & # 39; cash for these maneuvers. But he claims he did not know x & # 39; was the source of & # 39; those controls.

F & # 39; other court cases, CLAREN stated that it sells Invernes of 2005.

From the view & # 39; Pollicita is clear that the prosecutor does not believe that this happened formally or informally.

This new action, arising from what has been investigated by the prosecutor and the judge Julián Ercolini in the "mother" file public work & # 39; Báez who collected through the National Highway, and that he updated amount of & # 39; 46 billion pesos, Can & # 39; generating a negative impact on the environment & # 39; those who know the trade secrets partner & # 39; Kirchner.

Does that Pollicita asked Ercolini who, along with & # 39; CLAREN, the Group Báez accountants to investigate, As César Andes; part of the Gotti family, founder of the company bearing his name; the ex-wife & # 39; another accountant & # 39; Lazaro, Andrea cant; by partner & # 39; CLAREN, main character named Carlos Di Gianni; and employees and other agents & # 39; the Kirchners.

Moreover, the Public Prosecutor's Office calls b & # 39; as "urgent" for inhibition of assets of assets already inhibited & # 39; & # 39 Báez in; other causes earlier; and other companies and financial CLAREN. In addition to the "blocking" of & # 39; access to boxes & # 39; deposit "natural and legal persons registered, together with the removal of their tax and banking secrecy".

Another sign in & # 39; this long laundry plot & # 39; other possible crimes K: among suppliers suspected of & # 39; investigators is f & # 39; hand the "Mutual de Panadero Unidos 3er Milenio". If their accounts, and not foodstuffs, were true, then there farinaceous food to Báez-Gotti, Invernes to 76 million pesos.

Everything could & # 39; stories happened in Patagonia.

The "Money Routes C" (maybe it is time to promote to scale & # 39; construction, that & # 39; "Autopista del dinero K" prolonged and żvujulata so accelerated and evident that their issue starting ends, finally, a single address Street & # 39; Comodoro Py 2002, Retiro, Buenos Aires. It is the seat of the federal courts where investigating corruption.

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