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The quality of life of cancer patients is enhanced with the support of a couple |


Having a partner that supports cancer patients before diagnosis "change b & # 39; positive way level & # 39; perception that live in and attend medical treatment", said Felipe de Jesús Díaz, a doctor and academic from the University & # 39; Guadalajara.

The doctor in psychology b & # 39; Guidelines on Quality of Life and Health added that the negative impact that generates cancer diagnosis mitigated if the couple is also a person informed, to help clarify doubts and myths, such as the likelihood of & # 39; survival.

In the event & # 39; breast cancer, for example, "there are people who, when they receive the diagnosis, take it with & # 39; tragic way, when the expectation is wide & # 39; many, there is a good chance to live ", he said.

He added that, in the network & # 39; social support of patients, the couple and the family occupy a priority, however, this network can & # 39; comprising friends, pets, group & # 39; & # 39 support by, patients and survivors or religious group.

Dr. Felipe de Jesús Díaz emphasized the importance of patients on oncology and the network & # 39; social support to adopt a style of & # 39; life with & # 39; his health in their thinking habits, such as, for example, a more selective consumption & # 39; information.

States that 100% of the emotions and people's mood is related to environmental perception, and vice versa, so "cultural nutrition" good favors perception & # 39; opening, welfare and hope, to effect positive treatment.

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