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The Red Dead Online is as crazy as it is enjoyable


The beta & # 39; Red Dead Online began yesterday for the players who have the Ultimate Edition Games Red Dead Redemption 2. Take the online mode & # 39; the first game and add a good dose of & # 39; history, survival and worries. At the moment only a few basic things, but it is a point & # 39; good starting

He did not miss anything in my first day Red Dead Online: bit & # 39; battle royale, Haircuts, new clothes, a few stolen horses and something else. The multiplayer mode has many of the things that I enjoyed in the internet Red Dead Redemption original and try to improve them. The result is a kind of & # 39; silly adventure and & # 39; fast, but also an interesting narrative elements.

You like criminals account was charged with an error & # 39; a few crimes. After modeling your character, you are saved by men working for a new character named Jessica LeClerk. It makes a proposal: in exchange for the release of & # 39; you, you will help look for the men who killed her husband. What follows is dotted with history & # 39; cooperative missions and side entertaining distractions. It is not something as crazy as Grand Theft Auto Online, But not & # 39; so should slow and serious step as that of the main story.

The map & # 39; Red Dead Redemption 2 is completely at your disposal: the green plains & # 39; New Hanover, the Bassa of & # 39; LEMOYNE, even the party & # 39; New appearing in Austin Red Dead Redemption I started the original game in New Austin, excited to get & # 39; back in the city where I enjoyed so much during the first game, although some players started at & # 39; other parts of the map.

In any case, the beginning is quite similar. You will encounter & # 39; to & # 39; LeClerk, will set up your camp out & # 39; anywhere in the world game, you get your first horse and then they will leave your things. Red Dead Online Still limited if we talk about work & # 39; you & # 39; do by wandering the map. There are up to 32 player on each server, all run like idiots. You & # 39; walk and joining (or distract) other players, the game, attack places & # 39; hiding & # 39; other bands, cut your hair and carry out numerous side missions & # 39; different characters.

This last part was the most exciting aspect for me the & # 39; now. In parallel my first mission, I met & # 39; Sean MacGuire, the Irish speaking to her in Dutch band & # 39; van der Linde, and as I strive ngħallimni. In another, ran to & # 39; Bonnie MacFarlane, from the first game, and helped to recover what was stolen. You can & # 39; & # 39 can not; sit to play a game & # 39; poker as in the main game, but Red Dead Online It is filled with interesting characters who can come and perform missions.

Many missions will be familiar faces of Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2

Red Dead Online make some changes in how the players interact with the world open. First and foremost is the ability to set your camp. As in the main game, this is the basis of & # 39; your operations, wherever you go you or someone & # 39; change your clothing or rest. The camps are marked as safe areas, but players can jkeċċuh if they live far. The chaperone can join quickly from the menu side, but there is also a "permanent" option: if you have $ 200 in cash in the game, you & # 39; & # 39 set type; range "official", and make it easier to join your friends.

The clock karma main game here becomes a system where the bands can interrupt missions & # 39; diżonabbli players in the world open, and vice versa. These small adjustments favoring the social game is a little more collaborative, unlike the chaos & # 39; Red Dead Redemption Original Yes, it is possible that another player shoot you on the road to a city, but you're more likely to find someone to ask acting band or go to their camp together.

However, you & # 39; enjoy the most chaotic game options. Beyond – & # 39; & # 39 piques, which can arise with & # 39; while other players go to extensive map, the game has several modes & # 39; shooting and competitive racing. And I enjoy them a lot.

"The most wanted" is a free mode, where most players to draw, more points you get. The aim is to achieve the highest score, but the key is to kill the enemies costly items. The most lethal you, more people will jisparawk.

If you're looking for something quieter, there is a kind of & # 39; mode battle royale. Each player is armed with a bow and arrow, every hit is lethal and gambling decline gradually time. My first game was f & # 39; farm & # 39; LEMOYNE, where players broke in & # 39; swampy areas and mexxu the field. It was a tense experience certainly most players metikoloġiċi and & # 39; calculating enjoy, away from the chaos of shooting.

While Red Dead Redemption 2 looking to be more credible and real, the – Red Dead Online It is much arcade. You & # 39; buy all the weapons immediately, regardless of location or time of the game is inside. You & # 39; physically go to the shops to buy weapons, but the clothes bought by catalog issued (if it was a mobile phone GTA Online) And request sent to your camp. if the Red Dead Redemption 2 Claim to be a world, the – Red Dead Online It is satisfied that playground.

After several hours, you are forced to try many games modes available from the Internet Red Dead Online. There are photos, stories and races, but players who expect something different like – GTA Online They control their expectations. This is a good start which Rockstar should build, but not a finished product. It gives you the opportunity to move on the map, try on different clothes, play modes & # 39; fun games and chat with friends while sometimes cook a horse & # 39; poor bastard. After a long day at work, everything you need.

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