Wednesday , December 8 2021

The response of & # 39; Inter for father & # 39; Lautaro Martínez after his appeal


"I do not know the Lautaro family, the only one that I know it Toro (NDR: the nickname & # 39; former Racing & # 39; s) and that is what I am talking. The important thing is that he knows his dad does & # 39; try to attack those statements but in truth is attacking Inter, " said the coach at the press conference before the duel that will keep this Nerazzurro south against Roma for the 14th date of the Serie A of Italy.

It's that after the defeat of & # 39; Inter Tottenham last Wednesday for the Champions League, Mario José Martínez, father & # 39; Lautaro, published a tweet dedicated to aggressively DT: "Cagon happens, I held such as, luck is falling," He wrote in & # 39; message is deleted quickly but was caught and viralizzat networks.

Martinez Sr. pointed to technical born Certaldo, Italy, due to the substitution of & # 39; his son in the conflict with the English team and with less minutes that he has available to him in court. Serie A had 339 minutes at & # 39; six games (total & # 39; 540 minutes) and in the UEFA Champions League was 32 minutes at & # 39; two games (180 minutes). S & # 39; now this season he started only four & # 39; times for the local championship.

Because of this, shoulderpads continued: "These types of & # 39; statements are shameful and create problems just the same player, damaging their image and could harm relations with & # 39; peers ", he said and launched: "To become an actor & # 39; a high level, you must manage yourself, but also those of & # 39; around." The boy m & # 39; is in need of defense & # 39; someone, he b & # 39; his health in the area and abroad, and is now fine. "

Finally, the technician added: "Personally I do not consider that a problem, but with & # 39; clearly Lautaro way will have to discuss these things with his family."

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