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The ruins & # 39; Falklands failed to arrive for the first time in & # 39; 36 years: how will military honors – 05/12/2018


The master remains & # 39; post-mortem José Luis Darío CASTAGNARI finally reaching out to Rio Cuarto on Wednesday. It was the military's request to his wife Maria Cristina Scavarda, before you leave for the Falklands War which died in the night of 29 & # 39; & # May 1982. If fell 39; in the fighting, he qalluha, wanted to be with & # 39; Gustavo, one of five children of a couple who had just three years.

As anticipated by this newspaper, will become the first drop & # 39; left & # 39; back to the cemetery by continent & # 39; Darwin after the war with Britain. This Thursday, the Chief of General Staff of the Air Force, the Brigade General Amre Victor Enrique will lead military honors family, f & # 39; Córdoba.

This Wednesday afternoon KORDON will receive a & # 39; honor & # 39; 12 man composed of members of the Group & # 39; Special Operations (GOE) of the Air Force an integrated CASTAGNARI. Six men will move the coffin b & # 39; KAPLA while a military band interpret "Granadera slow speed". The coffin is then transferred to the car that will leave him in the chapel & # 39; private cemetery.

María Cristina was already in flight on Wednesday to the archipelago with his three children. He traveled from Rio Cuarto to & # 39; Aerolineas Argentinas to Comodoro Rivadavia and a US aircraft Jet Metro hired by businessman Eduardo Eurnekian – "owner" of the cemetery and the Fallen of relatives Commission in Malvinas – brought them to the archipelago where only a few hours

This afternoon on islands British military crew islander will jistennahom with coffin already covered by a flag ArgentinaBe honored in the Chapel of Mount Pleasant military base with & # 39; Catholic priest will get & # 39; back to the Continent in & # 39; around 1: 00 pm. It is a historical fact.

"I am very peaceful because it was a promise unfulfilled, was a huge weight had and the times I was in Malvinas asked for forgiveness because I did not I would join", Maria Cristina Clar told a few weeks ago when a definitive date was given for this unpublished transfer in 36 years.

As explained at the time of the Logistics Manager & # 39; Airport Curilovic Roberto Argentina in 2000 – the same veteran of the Malvinas, pilot & # 39; Super Etendard – on the widow's journey, with his children Adolfo Martín, Guillermo Oscar and Walter Rodolfo and come in & # 39; Río Cuarto About 18 hours on the American Jet. Roxana Patricia, the daughter of the other couple CASTAGNARI, await you in & # 39; Cordoba for ceremonies. It's that after honors and cremation of & # 39; Argentina, the ashes placed in the parish of the Heart Heart & # 39; Río Cuarto, next to those of & # 39; Gustavo, son of the couple who died just three years.

As reported by the Air Force to Bugler, ceremony to CASTAGNARI Thursday will be as follows: band, a flag and escorts will concentrate in the cemetery. There will be an answer in the chapel after the release there will be other honors & # 39; delivery, with a band, flag escorts. In the body path they will interpret "Closer, or god of you". Then the coffin enters the room cremation and komodent Brower retired Julio de Koning, the partner & # 39; & # 39 promotion; CASTAGNARI say a few words. Possibly other Air Force authority to speak well. There will be a minute & # 39; silence. They will remove the attributes that will be on the pad – Bandera, saber, among others – and the flag will be maintained by María Cristina. Does & # 39; this, the widow will close order began tens of & # 39; years ago.

Curilovic also confirmed that the Airport will carry back 13 identification badges for change in the cemetery & # 39; Darwin in graves & # 39; those breakaway identified. Some of them belong to soldiers who had previously designed in & # 39; other children and now have their place. By the way, María Cristina brings the CASTAGNARI plaque, which, as part of the Group & # 39; Special Operations, and with the degree of & # 39; Lieutenant was the first Head of Pattulju, devoted to operations & # 39; security base in the Command Post.

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