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The sale of Nández and Balerdi, the interest from Boca Mancuello, Marcos Díaz and praise of Maradona: 22 phrases Daniel angelic


Daniel angelic It details the market Boca Pass. F & # 39; extensive radio interview, the president "xeneize" The departure & # 39; Nahitan Nández Leonardo Balerdi was almost certain, Which the Cagliari of Italy and Borussia Dortmund of Germany pay their reċissjoni clauses.

Although it is assured that all holders are "non-transferable" Boca and do not want to sell any footballer, "much less minor", angelic do not rule out that Agustín ALMENDRAS or other could migrate "If pay clauses & # 39; their issue".

also recognized the interest to Federico Mancuello (Cruzeiro) and Marcos Díaz, the archer of former Hurricane, He talked about the new leadership of & # 39; Carlos Tevezfrom praise of Diego Maradona and – return to – country & # 39; Nicolás Gaitan, Ever Banega, Leandro Paredes or "Mudo" Vazquez, Among other topics.

Subsequently, the 22 most important phrase in dialogue with angelic Daniel & # 39; Good Moment Radio Network.

Chartering & # 39; Gustavo Alfaro:
"With all the changes, expectant hope, we first days & # 39; preseason and important tournaments like Copa Libertadores, Copa Argentina, Supercopa are coming. We are niffaċċjawha hope and work, which is -uniku way to achieve the objectives. we always have to be protagonists ".

The players are not transferable Boca:
"All holders won twice and reached the Cup final non-transferable, we keep everyone and add two or three reinforcements to re-fight, if bids to the amount of their clauses and the player is We will not be much we can do, we can not, the only sales that & # 39; Magallán (to Ajax from the Netherlands) because we TNA word and we are committed to us ".

The proposal accepted by Nahitan Nández and declaration of & # 39; his agent: t
"The offer, for the amount of the clause, we have admitted, I spoke with the player and wanted to go to Italy, but that Boca does not accept is the method & # 39; pay and we are working on Italian. To make an effort, because the money gave us was not enough to pay taxes and is the first thing you have to pay. Both the value of the clause is high, because Boca is not acceptable.

"I said Pablo (Bentancur, representative & # 39; Nández) this type & # 39; statement does not help (he pushed to Uruguay is the best payment campus), although it must defend its interests of his client. the intention is to stay, but if bid clause and want to go, accept the player's decision, I said that the club had a need and I understand that the book steps in middle of the year will be a greater number of clubs, for our peace of mind and also for us so that we can continue to slowly looking for replacement holder ".

The rumors & # 39; Felipe Melo and lack of & # 39; Brazilians in Argentina:
"It is not real interest, read many names but not & # 39; there is no chance, for me is a great player, but m & # 39; is no coincidence that m & # 39; there is no Brazilians in Argentina football." There was little that can adapt and little remained. playing in Argentina. "

The praise & # 39; Diego Maradona to hire & # 39; Gustavo Alfaro:
"Diego knows what I want and the good relationship that I have, we We understood that Alfaro f & # 39; this club stage was that with further conditions to lead to Boca, as saying Diego, wishing him the best. Talk with many players and above all, to have a good roster and those three conditions we have ".

The departure & # 39; Guillermo Barros Schelotto:
"We talked about it and we have a great relationship, but it would be three years in & # 39; Boca, it was a good time for Boca, m & # 39; there is no doubt about it, became twice champion and reached the Cup final. To -plejers and how we raised the spiritually team, we We understood that we had to make a change and give the hope, m & # 39; I have no doubt he will again & # 39; back, is a great person and hopefully will do very well in the United States. "

Carlos Tevez and his new leadership at & # 39; Boca de Alfaro:
"In football there are eleven persons entering the court, not individual, I announce more on the team than a person, without a doubt Carlos has all conditions, heat as a human being, career and he wants to try on -qorti. and knows it, I think it will make a great pre-season and then Alfaro decide who plays. "

The future & # 39; & # 39 in Leonardo Balerdi, Borussia Dortmund, who will pay his clause, and the rumor of & # 39; interest in & # 39; Alejandro Donatti:
"I decided to get the German leaders who were in the country tomorrow, they know that the decision & # 39; Boca is to sell players, much less youth club." The offer is superior to the clause & # 39; its termination and although we nirrifjutawha, also know the contract The player is signed. He child & # 39; 19 years is in the U-20 and is worried and is ready to migrate, see how that meeting ends. "

"Donatti (Racing) is talbitnix, nor do we have in the folder."

The Copa Libertadores lost to River:
"You must learn to turn the page and get & # 39; start, not easy to reach the final, but as it was before the classic rivals producing an annoyance, it is our duty to think because the times we climbed on the table & # 39; evaluation. gave us the game and especially in the final, football gives rematch and they (footballers) have the opportunity because they entrants in the field, we will continue work until the last day we protagonist, reach the final and can & # 39; to win. "

Offering & # 39; Everton from Wilmar Barrios and its possible replacement:
"Nothing came. It clause & # 39; 23 million euros net, more than 30 million dollars, and is not transferable player for us, but I repeat, if a club to pay his clause, we can not do anything."

"We analyze player in your position only if, sometimes looking player for Boca is not easy because most of them play in Europe and it is impossible for them to come for more than you & # 39; purchase, they charge 5 million the year ".

Interest & # 39; Sampaoli for Santos de Pablo Pérez:
"I do not got to talk with him or & # 39; another player, no one asked me to talk and see Pablo pplagga himself in training, after witnessing because we do not want to reduce the career & # 39; someone. Year, where one has 60 or 70 days to contract if they buy big clubs. "

The future & # 39; Darío Benedetto and Agustín ALMENDRAS:
"Benedetto remains & # 39; is our scorer and player non-transferable, is also a clause, like all those who have more than 20 million. If the bid and the player wants to leave, just that we do.

"To today ALMENDRAS take the clause, but we we expect the club when returning from America to & # 39; South, not making 30 million dollars, do not leave. Inter, I & # 39; I leave a year or two in club, and then we can assess, will expect to return from the youth team, get the leaders & # 39; Napoli nor I & # 39; ban proposal. "

The chance of repatriation of & # 39; Nicolás Gaitan, Ever Banega and Leandro Paredes or "Mudo" Vazquez:
"M & # 39; there is no chance Gaitan return, earn & # 39; more than 4 or 5 million a year, borrowing, and who pays his salary? And look at the economic situation, nobody is resign money to return. "

"We know how to keep & # 39; each player and even if they say & # 39; I keep the f & # 39; Boca & # 39; re, often it will or good faith, but the reality & # 39; is that nobody not to and says "I'm resigned to niċċariga 50 percent. "Nobody makes."

Interest for Federico Mancuello:
"We've found his situation, but also we are going to wait, Gustavo (Alfaro) wants to see all the players we have, those who have returned from loan and they need another week & # 39; work, on the Thursday or Friday I will stand with & # 39; Alfaro and we will see if there is a need to Reinforce any place or b & # 39; that flat and if beyond (Mancuello) is a player to be in the folder, observing Burdisso and sent it to me to find its conditions ".

Jorman Campuzano, or possible replacement for Nández Barrios:
"It's a player we have in the folder but to nikkuntrattaw has inħoll quota".

The future & # 39; Agustín Rossi and intend to add Marcos Díaz:
"(Rossi) is one of the players that I would sit down and he master big, one little, tiny and with technique and a lot of progress, I do not want to sell. His representative to go in & # 39; team to save and gain more experience, while Boca guide good substitute goalkeeper, m & # 39; I have no doubt that in the future will be in & # 39; Boca.

"Marcos Diaz is the archer that we more I like, I will meet & # 39; to & # 39; Agustín (Rossi) and his representative and I will make a proposal to see if it will help, I do not want to get rid true, is very easy to get an archer, paid key money and today I have two very good archers. "

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