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The shocking video & # 39; lion is coupled 20 hyena wanting carrying it and its purpose is not expected – 12/03/2018


Video showing night fighting for his life against 20 hyena wanting carrying it, thrilled everyone in social networks for a particular detail: the animal, which is one of the most fierce predator in nature, manages to survive thanks to help & # 39; another lion.

The scene begins with the lion wandering alone around the African savannah plains, destroying them group & # 39; hyenas quickly gather to surrounding and start a fierce battle. "This amount of & # 39; & # 39 hyenas can, kill him," says David Attenborough, narrattur the documentary.

But agonizzanti sequence, a & # 39; three minutes long, has an expected end. Another night observing from afar as his pair came to kill and is in no doubt: he escapes to jiddefendih b & # 39; & # budding success and 39, the hyenas. In the last seconds, two lions see each other as a symbol of & # 39; gratitude.

The video is part of a documentary on the world & # 39; the BBC animals called "Dynasties" and was imfilmjata by Attenborough, left Brian scientist and one of the best natural disseminators television.

The material published on the channel & # 39; Youtube BBC Earth, Where from Monday accumulated more than 2.3 million view. Moreover, it was broadcast on Twitter user Ibon Perez TV (@ibonpereztv) and quickly reached over 76,000 retweets and nearly 205,000 "Like".

Users were shocked before the natural reaction of a lion that will save his friend, but recognize that the hyenas attitude is a natural fact of life cycle.

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