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The skabru result after the accident & # 39; BARISONE Diego, dead player & # 39; Lanús


28 & # 39; July 2015, Diego BARISONE He died in & # 39; traffic accident on the highway Rosario Santa Fe when he was traveling to Buenos Aires. More than three years after his fatal crash, police have investigated & # 39; had stolen things and even be responsible for viralizzazzjoni of the body image of the player.

anonymous report resulted in the attack on the home uniform and radioelectric Command & # 39; Coronado, where he works. There they found weapons, drugs and several mobile phones: one belongs to the footballer. They do not prevent the device and another of his possessions were stolen after the crash of his car with & # 39; truck. The cash has been arrested and investigated by Internal Affairs.

The test will be judged to determine whether your camera took pictures of & # 39; BARISONE. The Undersecretary of Control Security Forces, Ricardo Giusepponi, was cautious and declared to the local media that "everything is under investigation". In that case, nine & # 39; other police went "availability".

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