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The stock markets of the world with their debut year slump


The main square of European markets started in 2019 with the same tone of ending the & # 39; previous year, with widespread reduction. Today dragged the loose information came from China, Leading to concerns about global growth.

The ibex 35 began the year with a reduction of & # 39; 1.63%, which led to selective settle for 8,400 points. The shares of ArcelorMittal fell 4%, more than 3% of IAG of air withdraw and deductions for banks like Sabadell, decreasing 3.6%, or Bankia, Santander and Caixabank, about 3%. Grifols also cutting for ACS and a & # 39; almost 3%.

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The rest of the European stock markets also opened in red in the event & # 39; Frankfurt (-0.8%), London (-1.6%). The largest falls were registered in Paris (-1.9%), but without clear reason. BNP Paribas, Total and Schneider decrease by 3% and Valeo b & # 39; 4%.

China and the USA make the world shaking

Analysts at Link Securities said the news "It could be more troubling" F & # 39; that the beginning of 2019, the manufacturing activity in China declined in the month & # 39; December for the first time in nearly two years.

"Everything seems to indicate that trade conflict between the US and China began to affect him the giant Asian economy, That, although it was negative in the beginning, can & # 39; have a second reading more positive: the Government of China agrees to negotiate with & # 39; USA. trade agreement that is acceptable to both parties ", these experts indicate in the & # 39; their daily report.

F & # 39; this sense, they indicate that the administration of the United States also appears to dilute its position due to the decline in the stock markets recorded at the end of 2018 .

"That is why we are positive about the possibility that the US and China closer to each other and reach a trade agreement in the months have passed," said the expert.

As the macro data & # 39; this first session of the year for markets & # 39; shares, the MIP manufacturing & # 39; December did not bring good news. The PMI index for the manufacturing sector of the Eurozone of IHS Markit registered last reading & # 39; 51.4, the same as the estimate of its previous flash, but it was under the registered 51.8 f & # 39; in November. Although the period & # 39; current growth grew to five and a half years, the latest PMI reading was lower than in February 2016.

The French President Emmanuel MACRON promised on Monday to go & # 39; forward the agenda of & # 39; its reform in 2019 despite the protests of "The yellow waistcoats" questioned their government. Before the Christmas holidays, the analysts & # 39; Goldman Sachs wrote: "In our opinion, the protests of the" yellow shirts "reduced the margin & # 39; the French government ploy both in & # 39; & # 39 terms, fiscal consolidation and reform. structural ".

On the positive side, the invitation of the US president, Donald Trump, the key Congressional leaders to a meeting at the White House today and suggest that he wants to "make a deal" to end the closure of government. It is the first sign of & # 39; possible opening for negotiations to break the deadlock in financing the border wall with Mexico.

This week will also be crucial because Next week will come in & # 39; a press conference with the President of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, along with & # 39; ex-presidents of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke.

Futures & # 39; Wall Street also had a negative Jordan

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