Sunday , May 28 2023

The straw success & # 39; Sid wins the prize shelf


passionate and conscientious message on the Great Barrier Reef rescue from plastics & # 39; One Lord Crawshaw made use of & # 39; 10 years champion of-the siklef.

Owner received the Award & # 39; 2018 Champion Reef: Reef Youth Under 15 Award reduction & # 39; plastic straw & # 39; use one on Wednesday evening in & # 39; Yeppoon.

Owner said he was a little intimidated on the night.

"I was really nervous & # 39; first but went on to take this moment because I surprised and happy to win," Sid said.

"So there we felt me ​​answer herself."

Owner appreciated that night was in the company & # 39; winners and other nominees.

He said he also enjoys aboriginal dance performed on the night.

The prize-giving ceremony was hosted by the Alliance Reef b & # 39; support from state and national governments.

The purpose was to recognize work of the farmers work, officials & # 39; extension, youth and community groups for their work to protect the Great Reef Bulls.

The owner wanted to get a message to others that something that you & # 39; to make people to help reduce plastic is a good start.

"If everyone just do one small thing to help contribute to the larger problem of plastic solution paths of our water," said Sid.

"When I got there almost island & # 39; plastic in the Pacific wanted to do something to try to stop it.

The manager & # 39; commitment & # 39; the Basin Association & # 39; Fitzroy, Rebecca French, said Sid drew the impression that many of them were awarded a special prize for him.

"Basically made significant effort to category & # 39; some so small someone to do what he did," said Rebecca.

"This is the first category of & # 39; this award and owner is a good model."

Owner already has plans for next year to approach a more business to keep the ban campaign & # 39; & # 39 straw; use one to go.

During the award ceremony met & # 39; with marine biologist Nicole Nash is based in & # 39; Cairns and started the campaign The Last Straw.

Nicole won the 2018 prize of the Champion Reef: Reef Youth Champion at the ceremony.

"Talk & # 39; Nicole overnight and we will be working together next year to cut the straws of & # 39; use one," said Sid.

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