Monday , June 5 2023

The terrible moment lived with Luli Salazar & # 39; her daughter because of accidents at the River Court


The model is informed experienced the attack on the micro Boca and subsequent police crackdown to fans.

24 & # 39; November 2018

The model Luciana Salazar said he has lived a hard time when there were riots in the River court led Boca Juniors Micro is destroyed and the final Copa Libertadores was suspended.

"Enough, stop listening to God & # 39; a shooting in my neighborhood, my daughter crying out loud, I feel f & # 39; territory of war", said Salazar in his personal account & # 39; Twitter.


Because of the accident in the vicinity of River Stadium, the final against Boca for Copa Libertadores has been postponed until Sunday 17.

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