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The tortuża death & # 39; & # 39 Pelozo Iturri in, monkey: if 15 penalty could end up in jail


Three days before death, Pelozo Iturri Argentina He was transferred from prison & # 39; Ezeiza for Unit 9 & # 39; Neuquén. He traveled hurt, and manufactured in a truck, without pausing, without ventilation or food f & # 39; a irregular: Sergio Delgado, the judge in charge of his case, which had to approve the change of the place, never found.

The man, 38 years old and b & # 39; a heavy file which he undertook sentence & # 39; 24 and a half years, he knew the place where almost undoubtedly hah. He had already in 1996. F & # 39; these irregular conditions, in 5 & # 39; April 2008 Pelozo Iturri returned to cross the federal prison bars & # 39; Neuquén. Three days later, released from prison. But inside an ambulance. His body was massakrat. His heart is rreżistietx. He died at a nearby hospital.

The original autopsy found death "at & # 39; blow". But the case never closed for Justice or the Federal Prosecutor prison. That is why ten years later, 15 penalties (Including doctors, prison authorities and the regional head of the Federal penitentiary Service) are on the bank of the defendants of the Courts & # 39; Neuquén.

The event & # 39; Pelozo Iturri has a black background: suspicion, confirmed by experts in the trial, a & # 39; eagerness worthy time of the Inquisition, and dark chain & # 39; omissions, adulteration & # 39; autopsy, tightening and even mysterious early death of the key witness process, The only prisoner he saw as the master of its pavilion was defeated death.

The verdict is expected before the end of the year, months after the a & # 39; hearings began. The judges Marcelo Grosso, Orlando Coscia and Alejandro Vidal they undo the knot & # 39; history, the defense of the accused, is a accidental death product & # 39; psychosis outbreak.

The guard Carlos Vergara, Agents & # 39; requisition John Orlando, Pablo Muñiz, Javier Pelliza, Pablo Sepulveda, Daniel Romero, José José Retamal and Quinata are charged with the offense of & # 39; 'Torture followed by death ", Which is punishable by & # 39; prison perpetual.

Doctors Juan Carlos Heredia and Mario Leyría, Next to the nurse Miguel Carrillao, Are accused of omitting & # 39; return (judgment provides & # 39; not more than 5 years), and by counterfeiting medical certificate of death.

The head of Homeland Security criminals Daniel Huenul, Director of the U9 de Neuquén José Sosa and deputy director Héctor Ledesma are also judged by omission and also b & # 39; & # 39 ideological forgery, public document (penalty from 3 to 10 years & # 39; solitary confinement).

Gabriel Grobli, Head of the Southern Region of the SPF, who had to do the formalities after death (take pictures, close the medical service, making the event sketch), entrusted with the charge of & # 39; "omission and concealment".

F & # 39; that day & # 39; April, Pelozo Iturri was received by prison officers with a classic "welcome", a package & # 39; torture & # 39; prison administered by the authorities consists of blows, kicks and – 'Pump & # 39; water', Endless pipe Ice water on the body naked prisoner on patagonu weather.

The prisoner was marked: among its crimes for which he has fulfilled the penalty payment was excellent murder & # 39; police. The penitenzjarjali agents waited 12 years. For that homicide and because akkużatlu, without evidence, that participated in & # 39; deaths in 1996, which prevented them hostage there, in prison & # 39; Neuquén, in their own territory. They do not forget.

Pelozo Iturri entered the prison & # 39; Neuquén and after receiving the "welcome" was locked in & # 39; a "Mailbox", The name of the cells & # 39; insulating receive the jargon. He was wounded, not only because of the eagerness he had received, but because the prisoner has already carried the pain & # 39; the sudden the Ezeiza penitenzi have as adverse.

Three days later, on 8 & # 39; April, Pelozo Iturri taken from the "mailbox", which was formally cell 1 Tent 10 & # 39; isolation. The prisoners in cells adjacent hear sounds: beating against body, the penalties against the floor and wall shields, sticks, men carrying the body & # 39; another, shouts and voice of prisoner who asked: "M & # 39; have hit me anymore".

However, the defendants alleged that he was taken from a psychosis because of an outbreak, "To help him and save his life" and blows, added & # 39; those who had received at & # 39; Ezeiza, were alone against the floor and walls, although they were manufactured, and then drop & # 39; by stairs and disappeared in nursing.

But one of the detainees in mailboxes said that minutes before their death spoke in & # 39; stop (hour to wash) and Pelozo Iturri said that prison in & # 39; wissah Neuquen in the " him ". were going · "Payment" taking & # 39; of & # 39 hostages; 1996.

It was 11 am when Iturri received the visit of the guard Carlos Vergara, along with & # 39; agents & # 39; John search, Vergara and Muñiz. All of them defended themselves at trial arguing outbreak of psychosis, but were contradiction by witnesses & # 39; detainees and former detainees now that, in spite of – tightening suffered (found in the case record) said scenes have more work & # 39; share with torture and revenge than with & # 39; ways to help people.

One of them, which was the cafe of the penalty, said she heard one of the accused when they entered into Iturri cell did push-ups and told him to clean his cell certificate, but then the attacker prisoner.

In the platform 11 the arrested person as seen after it was taken in the corridor between "eight or ten penalty". He said he saw how it was going & # 39; stairways from blows and sticks neck. "That day I felt the presence of death"He said the proof weeks ago.

Two prisoners who were with visitors in the central courtyard of the prison abided by pieces & # 39; that place the time of the transfer. One said they heard scream Pelozzo Iturri "M & # 39; have hit me anymore, they're going to kill me".

The other testified at trial that he saw how the requisition body It hit him on the head with a cane, unless għaddax and took him "apparently unconscious" to nursing, where heaven & # 39; "heart torture brain, if they were cared"That man saw the same nurse came in to a prison commented: "It does not fuck over".

The torture technique was pulled in Neuquén from dictatorship. This was reported by one of the prisoners said a witness at trial. One of them came Neuquen in 1979. "Not even in the military regime there was the fire hose used", Exemplified to describe the climate that was lived in 2008.

In the nursery there were two witnesses who are key to the case. One of them said that when entered into & # 39; Pelozzo Iturri issued, but while he was leaving, they heard sounds & # 39; & # 39 blows and; pain.

The other witness was Luis Abella, the most important man in the case. And he dead, killed cuts having entered the program & # 39; witness protection, f & # 39; If not yet punished, completed by inconsistent facts and mystery, they deserve another story.

known as "The King flight", Abella gave testimony before the days of Justice after the death of & # 39; Pelozzo Iturri and related & # 39; "Terrible beating". He said he was thrown Pelozzo & # 39; on a bench in the waiting room of & # 39; nurses and He was hit by fists, kicks, palms, which were jump on his head, suffered him standing on his neck and when the prisoner went to cardiac arrest they called a doctor, intubated him, tried to bring & # 39; forward and hah hospital.

"Warns terror testimonies who are under the prison Service orbit, even 10 years later, "said federal prosecutor during trial Miguel Ángel PALAZZANI.

"It can not be overlooked here that those used to remove, f & # 39 most cases, are or have been home for those who have time to condemn compliance; They indicated fear & # 39; when claiming, Who asked to be transferred to be able to make or have made prior to the execution judge or under the mode & # 39; reserved identity and, even, reported that they had received comments & # 39; U9 fear the agents, "the judge found. Richar Gallego in the indictment that, four & # 39; years ago, the Federal Chamber of General Roca dictated.

The death & # 39; Pelozzo enjoyed a long term & # 39; impunity. And it was based, according to the indictment, on the adulteration of & # 39; autopsy. "It is surrounded by & # 39; irregularities, omissions and incorrect data, it was useful to cover", Detailed up Infobae Prosecution sources of penitentiary (PPN), which integrates the complaint.

The official autopsy, seen by & # 39; prominently than four & # 39; prison officials, including the prison director, José Sosa, decided to death in & # 39; blow "for undetermined reasons" , but in the examination have not been sent to study the brain or lungs.

F & # 39; November 2012, the PPN submitted a report by the forensic doctor José Ángel Patitó which stated that the death of & # 39; Pelozo Iturri was a consequence of fears received by the prison officers. Based on this document, the federal judge & # 39; Neuquén Guillermo Labate ordered a new expert opinion to the Forensic Medical Corps of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation.

The conclusions were concise: the death of the person arrested had direct relationship with the hardship suffered and the injuries found were brain hemorrhage and pulmonary asphyxia. Both areas of the body that the original autopsy failed study.

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