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The tough sanction River promises to arrest partner to shed & # 39; stones micro & # 39; Boca – 04/12/2018


The image of the brutal attack on the micro & # 39; Boca before advertising the final Copa Libertadores, which led to the suspension of the game and then the decision to transfer the game at & # 39 ; Madrid, still shake the world of football. Ten days after the child, the first arrest was made on Tuesday because.

Matías Sebastián Firpo, River partner and one of many that emerged stone in bus mouth campus, was arrested this evening and, meanwhile, the club warned in & # 39; official statement the procedure will continue beyond that determined later by Justice

From the institution & # 39; Núñez advised that the internal summary has already been opened to suspend Firpo as a partner, but later will proceed directly to request its share expulsion Club.

The promise & # 39; sanctions from the river does not stop there: the club warned it will also ask the security agencies Firpo be included in the law & # 39; admission to attend football stadiums.

The full text of the press release

"As a result & # 39; aggression suffered on 24 & # 39; November from the coach who led the players & # 39; Boca Juniors at the Monumental Stadium, Tuesday 4 & # 39 ; in December, the & # 39; Judicial Investigation Body identified one assaltanti get the address and subsequent detention, which was accused by the prosecutor Adriana Bellavigna, in charge of the Criminal Prosecutor's Office, Contraventional and Misdemeanor No. 6.

Similarly, Club Atlético River Plate informs that data day, through its Technical Legal Department, opened an internal summary and continued for its immediate suspension.

From this summary, the request for dismissal raised as a member of the Institution to the Board of Directors and Members Representative Assembly.

On the other hand, River Plate will ask the security agencies that the aggressor be included in the law & # 39; admission to attend football stadiums. "

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