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The tragic end of the sister of comedian "The Turk" Naim – 29/11/2018


A Sibara Leila (27) was shot in the head this Wednesday morning. The neighbors, who heard screams and detonation, called the police. When it came to the patrol car, was already late: the young woman was dead at the corner of & # 39; Las Heras and Vetere, f & # 39; Lomas de Zamora, south of the GBA. Witnesses recognized former partner as the killer and that's why investigators could discontinuation, f & # 39; workshop had.

Now that Leila intgħallem she was a half sister & # 39; the humorist Naim "El Turco" Sibara and daughter & # 39; ex-Deliberanti Council secretary & # 39; Lomas de Zamora, Julio Sibara.

In the main suspect garage found weapons and drugs.

In the main suspect garage found weapons and drugs.

The young woman was also employed by the Municipality & # 39; Lomas de Zamora: served in the Department of Traffic and at the Municipal Theater. It was mother & # 39; two children and lived a few blocks from the house & # 39; Luis Alberto Villalba, his assassin.

The young have cause & # 39; qualified theft charge Oral Court No. 7 & # 39; Lomas de Zamora and do not exclude that its relationship with & # 39; Villalba is the explanation of & # 39; that case.

The Naim "Turk" and his partner, Emilia Attia.

The Naim "Turk" and his partner, Emilia Attia.

Researchers suspect he sold drugs and this was how satisfied. Later approach had begun a relationship soon ended.

"They had a friendship for Villalba was involved in drug dealing, we are Examining, yet we will investigate homiċidju aggravated by feminicide and then you & # 39; incorporating the charge for possession of & # 39; weapon, sales & # 39; drugs or the car that had b & # 39; demand for kidnapping, "said the sources.

Leila decided to go Villalba for his dependence on drugs. He was violent and the victim was threatened environment are recognized to lead it continue bond.

In the main suspect garage found weapons and drugs.

In the main suspect garage found weapons and drugs.

In the garage Villalba had in 1667 Las Heras Street – where he was arrested for feminicide – police found a revolver & # 39; 32 caliber and overlay & # 39; 9 millimeters, a & # 39; the same type as that found at the crime scene. Also, four & # 39; cocaine packaging, balance fractionation, clothes and mobile phones of & # 39; Leila.

In-house & # 39; Villalba, two blocks & # 39; away, They found another weapon. But nothing is what used to kill Leila.

The investigation was f & # 39; hands of the Prosecutor's Office No. 1 & # 39; Lomas, under Lorenzo Latorre.

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