Thursday , August 5 2021

The war & # 39; Dalma Maradona before uncontroversial message & # 39; Lio Pecoraro about his father

After a strong message about Diego Maradona, the journalist and the girl began spicy exchange messages on social network

A few days ago, Flor de la V and Diego Maradona They were involved in a scandal of new media. The star was angry with the driver as a result of & # 39; news about his son Dieguito announced.

In response, Maradona is discriminated and brutally insulted: "With Florencio I never had a problem, to the contrary. I'm the first to defend the bill turn. You can not talk about Dieguito leaves or cancel its program to put seven stupid guy & # 39; old TAPAS. It is one short V ", He declared in & # 39; intruders.

After – violent comments & # 39; Maradona, Pecoraro Mess He left a strong message on his Twitter account. "Maradona making fun & # 39; #FlorDeLaV, engage in sexual plan and tell the legend that is f & # 39; several parties asked PIJ …! You spit and fell to the DIEGO & # 39; on your face", Assured the journalist in the social network.

although Maradona he said nothing about it, what came to talk to was his daughter, Dalma Maradona. "Obviously, what my father said he was particularly badly … But I think it can not make fun of & # 39; anyone! Besides complaining about work & # 39; to make others and & # 39; to do? You were there ? You must be so unpleasant? " is assured.

Far from ending, the discussion continued over many other messages:

Maradona strongly against his daughter: "Do not nahfirx Dalma to m & # 39; no …"

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