Tuesday , July 27 2021

The war of rebates received service stations

The attempt to attract as much as & # 39; to be customers through & # 39; Special discounts for a limited period is a classic strategy & # 39; sectors such as hypermarkets, but for a few weeks gained place among service stations.

Puma Energy has just launched According to a & # 39; 5% on the price of your super and premium naphtha every Saturday & # 39; Wednesday will be applied until the end of & # 39; February.

The strategy & # 39; Puma Energy aims to increase its sales in high season & # 39; stations & # 39; they leave service.

But the discounts will not be the only strategy. The VOY firm announced that it will open the first stations & # 39; "cheap" service in the region between March and April.

The release of fuel prices, f & # 39; October 2017, had little weight in the final price results because after the exchange of the exchange naphtha recorded over the last year increased by 70% .

Can & # 39; interests | The first station & # 39; service "low-cost" comes in & # 39; Neuquén

Promotions Puma, for all modes of & # 39; pay, are added to those other firms, such as YPF, Have been making for some time now but for customers who have cards & # 39; a special discount.

In the meantime, at the end of last year, the city & # 39; Neuquen also seen as Some companies have started offering different values ​​depending on the location of their service stations.

To enable & # 39; know the value to each station & # 39; expenditure, is not necessary to travel to the city but can & # 39; is observed through the website Prices in Supplier from the former Ministry of Energy of the Nation, also available as a mobile application.

But the oil companies strategies to gain greater market share are already reflected in the region and the country, not only in & # 39; differential values ​​in the city and even the area where each station is in -istess city, but now also Trying to attract more customers with special discounts.

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