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The World AIDS Day | About 129,000 people who have HIV in Argentina


1 & # 39; December 2018

Report from the Ministry of Health notes that 20% do not know they contracted the virus. In addition, 83.5% of which is detailed & # 39; those who know their diagnosis being treated. Most of them are served in the public system.


the – Directorate of AIDS, STD, Hepatitis and TBC (DSETSHyT) this week issued a report containing updated data on the control, containment and eradication of HIV.

Under this new work, in Argentina around 129,000 people have the virus, although 20% of them do not know. In addition, 83.5% of & # 39; those who know their diagnosis and treatment are in & # 39; that number, the majority are treated in the public system.

Unfortunately, 35% of new diagnoses occur late (in 30% of women and f & # 39; 37% men). On the other hand, DSETSHyT He notes that for every two men a woman with HIV virus. For nearly 15 years, the rate of & # 39; mortality for AIDS remained almost the same, b & # 39; 3.4 per 100 thousand (2016).


The Secretary of Prevention and Control & # 39; that stuff and Immunoprevanti Disease, Miriam Burgos, He explained:

"The current challenge is to expand the offer & # 39; actions & # 39; prevention and to implement and consolidate model & # 39; comprehensive care through the health care decentralization, built in territories with the community. These actions shall be guided by the principles promoted by DSETSHyT, such as universality, accessibility, the information & # 39; quality and social participation "

Sida HIV

The report also explains that 98% of people infected do so by having sex without a condom. Among men, half of infected during sexual intercourse with the women and the other half during sexual intercourse with & # 39; other men.

At the national level, work on the outlook warns about sexually transmitted infections (STIs). There was a significant increase in & # 39; this type of & # 39; infections. This is the case of syphilis, whose tripled cases between 2013 and 2017 going from 11,7 up 35.2 per 100 thousand and the ratio & # 39; positivity in & # 39; tests & # 39; routinely performed on pregnant women went from 2% to 3.2% over the same period.

Fundación Huésped, an organization that works on & # 39; public protection policies, did repeat & # 39; this data and better measures worked to ask countries to advance and eliminate AIDS.

For this reason, in & # 39; mid summit of G2 that occurred in the City & # 39; Buenos Aires, the Foundation, together with the United Nations Joint Program for AIDS (UNAIDS), launched a joint complaint to the international AIDS agenda.

According to Guest, about 940 000 people died worldwide from diseases related to & # 39; AIDS in the past year. Moreover, in 2017, 75% of people with HIV know their diagnosis and 79% had access to care. 81% of & # 39; that number had their viral load was not measured.

Scientific breakthrough: They manage to suppress the virus & # 39; HIV in & # 39; 6 patients

Pedro Cahn, scientific director of the Foundation, stated:

"If 90% of people with HIV knew their diagnosis, accessed treatment and maintained viral load is that it could not be measured, it is possible to control the HIV / AIDS epidemic in 10 years . it is the responsibility of world leaders is impossible for because most countries have tools such as testing, treatment and improving the quality of life of & # 39; people with HIV. it therefore pray to avoid avoidable deaths and HIV nissettew on the agenda "


For his part, the President & # 39; Huéspe, Kurt Frieder explained that "In the last nine & # 39; years, the G20 did not include HIV in & # 39; any of its official documents. It was only mentioned in the document signed by Health Ministers at & # 39; Del Mar Plata, in 2018, and b & # 39; completely declarative way. ".

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