Sunday , May 28 2023

They claim to have discovered a new region of the brain


By Gerardo Schafer [email protected]

Group & # 39; states that scientists discovered a new region of the brain associated with small body movements. It turns out that we, humans, can & # 39; you kind of & # 39; Additional care not found in & # 39; other padati.
The person in charge is a neuroscientist George PAXINOS and his team at & # 39; Neuroscience Research Australia (Neur), named their discovery as endo terminal nucleus, because inside (endo) of peduncles lower Cerebellar (called well restiform body). Situated at the base of the brain, close to where it connects with & # 39; the spinal cord.
This area is involved to receive sensory and motor information from our bodies to refine posture, balance and our movements.
"The inferior peduncles Cerebellar is like a river that carries information from the brain and spinal cord towards the ċirbellum," said PAXINOS in ScienceAlert journal. "The endo-terminal core is a group & # 39; neurons, and is like an island in & # 39; this river", he added.
PAXINOS confirmed that there & # 39; this brain structure while was using techniques & # 39; relatively new brain stains developed to make tissue image clearer mind to the end of the newanatomija atlas has been working on.
The researcher was receiving indications that endorestiformi nucleus existed for decades & # 39; years. In a procedure called therapeutic kordotomija anterolateral, surgery to relieve severe and incurable pain by reducing spinal pathways, he and his colleagues noted that the long spinal fibers were run across the endo-endiform nucleus.
The location & # 39; this elusive part of the brain makes a PAXINOS suspect can & # 39; involved in & # 39; fine motor control, something that is also supported by the fact that this structure has not yet been identified in & # 39; other animals, including marmosets or rhesus monkeys.
"I can not imagine writing ċimpanżina to play with & # 39; wise way as they do, even if they love to make music," said PAXINOS.
Humans have minds at least twice larger than chimpanzees (1,300 grams vs. 600 grams), and a higher percentage of the neuronal pathways of our brain that indicate movement to make direct contact with & # 39; motor neurons: 20 -percent compared to & # 39; 5 percent cent at & # 39; other padati.
Thus, the nucleus endorestiform can & # 39; is another unique feature in our nervous system, although it is still too early to say. That is why PAXINOS is willing to do a little work with & # 39; chimpanzees soon.
To discover what function the endo-terminal core can & # 39; serves, can & # 39; have to wait for a magnetic resonance b & # 39; highest resolution that can & # 39; & # 39 in studying, living person.
There are many popular myth that has been expanding for years in society saying that we only use 10 percent of our brain, to the disappointment of many & # 39;, is totally false. There are also some attributing Einstein as the founder & # 39; this myth.
There are two phenomena that could explain the lack of & # 39; agreement. Nine out of ten cells in the brain are so-called glial cells, which are cells & # 39; support and provide physical and nutritional support to 10 percent other cells, the neurons, which are responsible to "thinking". But this does not mean that 90 percent do not do anything, just be other functions.
Be as & # 39; is, even scientists can not explain b & # 39; fullest certain skills that possesses the mind, like dreams, where memories are stored and how to access them, senses or personality.

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