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They complain that fan & # 39; to face Boca symptoms & # 39; discomfort from tear gas


28 & # 39; November 2018

One member of the delegation was filmed by a camera and river fans say his attitude changed when he realized the presence of the TV.

Last between river and mouth still awaiting definition. Will the game be played? will the Xeneize on the desk? Meanwhile, new cross akkużazzjonijiet repercussions that never seem to end.

Now, fans & # 39; river got video in which they alleged that the delegation members viżitriċi meant the effects of tear gas that police has opened at the Monumental entrance and was filtered by glass collective blue and gold to supporters the stone broke Millonari

The viral response to Benedetto to tpoggja a fan and send to "shortar"

In the image is seen as a person who accompanied the team, and was out of the locker room after the fictitious arrival in & # 39; Núñez, approaching the channel Fox Sports camera Marcelo London, Leader & # 39; mouthYou have been interviewed. There you see how this person start touching your eyes, as if affected for receipt in court.

However, the South XMA fans complain that the person He changed his attitude b & # 39; radical way when he realized the presence of the camera. He previously can & # 39; seen laughing and talking with & # 39; other colleagues and seconds later he change his attitude is completely and immediately after the leader was questioned by a journalist.

Provoked people River? The gesture & # 39; Gago during the assaults to the micro & # 39; Boca

At the moment the definition of final remains & # 39; uncertain. While CONMEBOL confirmed that the game will be contested, f & # 39; If the Court decides against mouth, Days 8 or 9 & # 39; December, outside Argentina. Remains & # 39; to define a seat, but Doha, Asunción and Medellin They see as the most b & # 39; his health to host the game.

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