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They denounce aggression "wild" of & # 39; penitentiary troops to "Pata" Medina


They claim that the former head of Uocra de La Plata maintained at & # 39; Ezeiza was beaten when he sought medical attention

They denounce aggression

Medina does & # 39; his wife, at the time of arrest / file

The former leader of Uocra de La Plata, Juan Pablo "Pata" Medina, arrested was attacked by a group & # 39; penitentiary officials from prison & # 39; Ezeiza, at a time when he sought medical attention for chest pain. This is stated in & # 39; a complaint lodged by his defense lawyer, who presented habeas corpus and called for an investigation into the facts.

Medina, according to what was stated in the complaint lodged by his lawyer César Albarracin, felt that there was a heart pain. "Due to delays in treatment, he tried again & # 39; back to his cell to lie down and f & # 39; that moment was attacked by & # 39; violent way between 6 and 8 agents", said Albarracin f & # 39; this newspaper.

Medina is in prison Complex & # 39; Ezeiza than 26 & # 39; September 2017 at the disposal of the Federal Court 1 & # 39; Quilmes, accused of alleged crimes & # 39; conspiracy, extortion and money laundering.

Initially it was located in a pavilion to host detained for actions related to corruption. Here he shared his days with traders Fabián De Souza and José María Núñez Carmona, accused by various manipulations over the government & # 39; Kirchner. But a few months ago he turned himself in fight with & # 39; De Souza and was transferred to another prison in the same tent.

Albarracin denounced that Medina was "entangled b & # 39; wild way" in recent hours "at sight & # 39; & # 39 multitude, witnesses and even in the presence of director Unit itself."

"Group & # 39; between six and eight of the Federal penitentiary Service agents, under the direction of the Director, it would have to reduce my defendant, they jintefgħuh on the ground and, there, was give powerful earned ", indicated in a complaint

The submission was filed in federal court 1 & # 39; Lomas de Zamora. The attorney & # 39; Medina asked the former head of Uocra La Plata and his colleagues Pavilion summoned to testify. Moreover, he asked other measures such as the transfer of his client and the protection of his health.

Both the prison Service sources have another version of the facts and claimed that Medina was one that attacked the agents. "Their cases & # 39; misconduct are repeated," they said.

The agent even lodged a complaint against trade unionists for alleged crimes & # 39; 'attack and resistance to authority and injuries ".

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