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They ensure that the Government seeks a reduction in fuel – Diario La Provincia SJ


In the Executive Power has begun discreet negotiations, but tenacious, with oil companies. The aim is to achieve a reduction of & # 39; 10% in the price of fuel, at least in the "premium" in the month & # 39; December.

"F & # 39; December a tax update on carbon, but we believe that the oil companies have already obtained the par & # 39; imports (cost & # 39; par & # 39; imports, against which the performance of local production) and now will reduce the f & # 39; 10%, at least in the premium (naphtha) ", detailed by Rosada. "The oil companies resort to imports premium (refining), if the price of imports is what they see, the logical thing would be to bring."

In the Executive Branch, they claim that they have tolerated the rise in international oil prices, which reached US $ 85 in early & # 39; October. But what has changed the scenario and rough declining zone & # 39; US $ 62 per barrel in the event & # 39; Brent, the variety is considered in the country.

In the Executive Power, they will raise these arguments & # 39; the authorities & # 39; YPF, but can also bring them to AXION and to Shell, the other main players in the market. In any case, the official conviction is that YPF has such significant market leadership to bring this market.

In the oil companies, yet jikkummentawx on the position that the Executive Power is proposing. Admit the par & # 39; export is close to or met with current price levels naptas spare, for example. However, they note that kkalkulawx again their income at a rate of & # 39; devaluation.

F & # 39; in October, the naphtha office declined 6% each was stronger in premiums, which was double-digit.

Source: Los Andes

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