Thursday , June 30 2022

They found him dead, uncovered, broken and gagged in his bed Chronicle


Man & # 39; 35 was found dead in his home in the southern area of ​​& # 39; Rosario, bound hand and foot, uncovered and b & # 39; cap around the head, eyes and his mouth. The victim has been identified as Ricardo Martín Gallozo and had died & # 39; suffocation.

The preliminary hypothesis of the case indicate that the offender is known person and that the driver would be robbery, since it was found that several items were missing.

The body & # 39; Gallozo was on home bed where he lived with & # 39; friend. According to the first information, it was only his housemate found the gruesome drawing.

The house where it happened the bloody episode (The Capital).

Daniel He told the police that at the end of his working day, about 2, went home and found Gallozo into his bedroom without vital signs and linked arms and legs on the bed. He was uncovered and b & # 39; cap around the head, eyes and his mouth.

The first examination doctors established that the body had no visible lesion, so it is suspected that death would b & # 39; asphyxiation. In any case, the precise causes of death are determined at autopsy.

Daniel said the victim was gay and that when she went home, he found a partner who will be casual & # 39; Gallozo, a man named Andrés, Who did not know more data.

According to the witness, this person has with dreadlocks hair is dark and black backpack and wearing red and yellow bag. Daniel also declared that Andres had planned to meet & # 39; to & # 39; Gallozo in the same house around 19:00.

The owner of the house also stated that there were items missing from the victim, like a notebook, house keys, cell phone A6 and the motorcycle keys. The doors were broken.

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