Tuesday , August 9 2022

They have sought cure for cancer and found that & # 39; baldness Chronicle


Scientists at the Medical Center Southwestern University of & # 39; Texas in the United States studied the way up some cancerous tumors and when experimenting with time, their findings were c to produce hair cells those that provide color.

According to Dr. Le Lu, head of Dermatology, Hospital aforesaid, he said: "Although this project was initiated to understand how certain types & # 39; tumors are formed, we learn out why hair turns gray and discover the identity of the cell that directly leads to hair '.

The experiment began by removing cells from mice, which made bald, while he tried to remove one gene from the cells, the mice were white.

B & # 39; & # 39 consequence, this, this insignia in explaining both baldness and creating & # 39; gray hair.

B & # 39; this result, Dr. Lu explained that "B & # 39; this knowledge, we hope that in the future create topical compound or deliver the gene required to hair follicles to correct these cosmetic problems".

Regarding the study, it was reported that ranges from hair follicle stem cells, progenitor cells through the matrix and is a pigmented melanocytes in the follicle.

B & # 39; difference for stem cells in protuberanza, the parental identities and mechanisms which govern the hair shaft components and a few are known.

The identities of the matrix parents, regulating growth and pigmentation, partly by creating a niche dependent stem cell factor (SCF) for follicular melanocytes.

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