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They shot out the bus driver in & # 39; La Matanza: there are 7 lines & # 39; unemployment – 03/12/2018


Iván Montenegro, the bus line 242 driver, was killed on Monday in Buenos Aires part of & # 39; La Matanza by criminals who attacked him when his shift ended. It is not dangerous.

Police sources reported that Montenegro was shot in the side and was waiting this morning in Solis Clinic in & # 39; San Justo to remove the projectile.

Also, his colleagues decided to meet in the assembly and set up for an indefinite period to seek to improve working conditions and their safety.

The measure includes power lines 172, 242, 298, 624, 174, 317 and 635, the company's La Cabana.

The attack took place during the early hours in the city & # 39; Rafael Castillo, when Montenegro ended his workday.

The delegate Sergio Paz explained that between 12.30 and 12.40, when it finally stay in the neighborhood of & # 39; Abadía, all passengers have fallen except one that showed the weapon and Montenegro give the heddedlu his affairs.

"He forced him to do more stop, beyond its route," explained Paz. "We do not know how well the events occurred, but Cancun ended with a bullet in the left leg, fortunately it well", added dialogue channel All News.

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