Wednesday , March 22 2023

"They want to control the population"


In his program "Faith moves mountains" Gisela Barreto launched hazardous substances on public health and vaccination. It is clear that vaccines generate "autism".

"One hears & # 39; everything that makes vaccines and is terrifikat, seizure children from health officials," said Barreto.

And then continued with the mandatory vaccination. "Enforcing children to be vaccinated when they should be voluntary, one must say yes or no according to what you are investigating, the aim of the new world order is ewġenika and vaccines, to destroy and control the population". He stated.

But she further clarified: "They lower the intellectual level of our children (in vaccines)." They go directly into the brain of children in the first year of life, like measles vaccines that produce autism in children, it is proved ". …?

Barreto and his theories

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