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They will explore the bottom of the big hole blue navy Belize


2 & # 39; November, 2018.- The brand Virgin Group, is joining & # 39; a new mission, to solve one of the most captivating mysteries of the ocean: what lies at the bottom of the Blue Hole of Belize?

the – Great Blue Hole in Belize It is the largest sink in the world: giant kaverna 300 meters (984 feet) wide and about 125 meters deep.

In 1971, the explorer submarine Jacques Cousteau He put the Blue Hole on the map when he first explored its depth.

Almost half a century later, despite point & # 39; access to diving, the exact features of the Blue Hole are still mostly unknown. But the grandson & # 39; Cousteau, Fabien Cousteau, is the case.

it joins Branson, Which directs Ocean Unite, Initiative & # 39; leadership has – aims to help protect – ocean, and a team & # 39; scientists, explorers and directors – film Aquatica Foundation.

They plan to bring submersibles, including Aquatica Stingray 500, assembled at the bottom of the hole to trace what lies at the bottom.

the – Belize Blue Hole Expedition 2018, As titled, will be broadcast live on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, 2 & # 39; December, 2018.

This new exploratory immersion in the deep blue hole & # 39; Belize will be aired on television.

The turbid deep

Located about 40 miles & # 39; off the coast of Belize, it is believed that Blue Hole It was a giant cave on the continent, thousands & # 39; years ago.

When the ocean rose & # 39; & # 39 other again;, the cave was flooded. Now part of – The system & # 39; Reserve of Belize Barrier Barriers, Declared site World heritage by – UNESCO.

the – Blue Hole immappartjata or never been mapped in its entirety. The idea is that this new shipment can & # 39; answer the question & # 39; what lies at the bottom of & # 39; such an enigmatic cavern.

One of the submersible in the shipment must have additional lighting that allows both onboard equipment and the viewer at home to see how it can & # 39; is.

There are also two boats & # 39; support on site, yacht & # 39; Luxury accommodation for rent and offers amenities for the team and research vessel to support the expedition.

After the dive in 2 & # 39; December, the ship will continue to monitor and explore the site for weeks, collecting data enabling experts to build real-life geography models Blue Hole.

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