Saturday , June 25 2022

Think you are intolerant to lactose? Before leaving the dairy, consult your doctor


Stomach pain, bloating or diarrhea after consume milk may be typical symptoms & # 39; intolerance to lactose. However, if ddiġerixxix good dairy, m & # 39; have to stop eating immediately. Ideally, a physician should establish a diagnosis.

Problems & # 39; digestion can & # 39; due to other factors, such as food or other stress. There are tests which the doctor can & # 39; determine whether the problem is indeed lactose.

And is that in addition to the primary intolerance, due to genetic factors, There is another variant: there are people who are intolerant to lactose good for a mucosa damaged a & # 39; intestine.

If the mucosa is recovered, you & # 39; continue to consume milk without problems. B & # 39; contrast, people with & # 39; primary intolerance m & # 39; have no alternative but adapt your diet.

Nor would it be necessary to completely suspend milk or milk. People with lactose intolerance usually tolerate up to 250 milliliters of & # 39; milk at a time and up to 500 milliliters spread throughout the day. Sometimes it is enough to choose foods with & # 39; less lactose. the – cheese and yogurt, For example, contain less lactose than fresh milk.

As recommended at the start of & # 39; this article, what is essential is the medical consultation to determine specifically x & # 39; is the origin of gastric problem.

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