Tuesday , August 9 2022

This is how malware disguised as an Android app is able to steal 1,000 euros from a PayPal account in & # 39; 5 seconds


The security firm ESET discovered a new malware disguised as an application & # 39; battery optimization called Android optimization The tool allows criminals to take control of & # 39; PayPal account and steal money in & # 39 seconds without the user can & # 39; stopping.

The malware was discovered in & # 39; November and the details & # 39; it published a few hours ago. The app is broken down into & # 39; & # 39 stores, third parties (not the official store Google Play). In addition, the malware not only performance of the banking Trojan, but is capable of taking advantage of the Services & # 39; Accessibility & # 39; Google, designed to help people with & # 39; disability, to cheat users to give criminals control over the phone. . As explained in the motherboard:

Once installed, the malware asks the user for permission to "Enable statistics". This innocent sound feature allows the malware and its creators to receive notifications when the user interacts with & # 39; certain applications and inspect the contents of the window with which they interact. In other words, this would enable cyber take control the phone remotely when the user opens certain applications. F & # 39; in this case: PayPal, Google Play, WhatsApp, Skype, VIBER, Gmail and other banking applications.

As explained by ESET, function more dangerous malware is activated when users open the application & # 39; PayPal. F & # 39; then, if they fell for the trick "Enable statistics", the malware takes in & # 39; hands and send payments to criminals. This works even if the user has authenticated with & # 39; allowed two factors, because the only malware expects the user to enter, as shown in the video & # 39; above done by ESET. How to explain the signature on his page:

The whole process takes about 5 seconds, and a user does jissuspettax there is a viable way to intervene in time. The attackers fail only if the user does not have enough PayPal balance and have a payment card linked to the account. The malicious service & # 39; accessibility is activated every time launched the PayPal application, which means that an attack can & # 39; occur several times.

S & # 39; you do? As stated number & # 39; often, have very carefully applications & # 39; distrusts not know and not on Google Play. [Motherboard]

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