Monday , November 29 2021

This is the new 3D Sonic Sensor Qualcomm, improve system


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Qualcomm is the company that provides the best processors for high-end Android ecosystem currently in and, the Snapdragon 845 is the reference to it, because it was the most SoC used in top of the range. To introduce the successor worthy, Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, the mind of the high-end of 2019, has already been presented.

Does & # 39; this new processor comes & # 39; new sensor fingerprint under Qualcomm screen. Technology has been avoided for some time and finally begins to make sense to improve what is already working well.

Qualcomm has the most sensor fingerprints below the screen at the moment

The American company has already presented similar technology, reader fingerprint & # 39; cartridge & # 39; ultrasonic waves to generate 3D verification and was implemented only in the Xiaomin Mi 5s.

Qualcomm Sonic 3D Sensor

Qualcomm wanted to renew the operation of the system and must put sensor fingerprint & # 39; ultrasonic below the screen to make it more functional and safe. Qualcomm Sonic 3D Sensor act regardless of the fact that the finger tip & # 39; is contaminated, due to the fact that its ultrasonic system is much more tolerant and you & # 39; scan in 3D All information required to unlock the smartphone.

The 3D sonic sensor is indeed the most secure solution in the mobile market today, because the sensor can & # 39; capture 3D full image of the crests and pores of fingerprint & # 39; ", Said Alex Katouzian, senior vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Technologies. Sensor." If the finger & # 39; wet, greasy or is, or has some other contaminant, the 3D sonic sensor will read everything. "

It is very similar technology to Face Identity & # 39; Apple, since create a 3D map of fingerprint & # 39; and avoid any error & # 39; & # 39 readings in real-time. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S10 can & # 39; be the first Android smartphone to use Qualcomm 3D sonic sensor to be integrated into the screen & # 39; Infinity O.

Alex Katouzian, foresees by mid 2019 some phones & # 39; level will carry this advanced system which aims to improve safety in & # 39; sensor fingerprint & # 39 ;, and avoid the times we have failed naċċessaw home of the smartphone.

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