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this was the wedding cost 20 million euros


Marta Ortega, daughter of textile empire founder & # 39; Zara, Amancio Ortega – the fifth man most wealthy in the world – and Carlos Torretta – son of the designer Roberto Torretta – (born in & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires) were married. They organized a & # 39; luxury wedding, left with no cost and several celebrities attended.

Having celebrated civil union & # 39; Marta Ortega, the owner's daughter & # 39; Zara, Along with & # 39; Carlos Torretta, more than 400 guests at the celebrations still surprised by & # 39; what was the wedding of the year worldwide. B & # 39; this way the wishes of the heirs & # 39; Inditex, which oversees all preparations by the end of spring without great expense, have been met.

The Spanish paid more than 20 million euros for weekend & # 39; celebrations, although some participants raised figure to 30 million. There were musical performances, travels by private jet, transport & # 39; equipment and hire & # 39; Sound technicians imposed by each of the singers.

The most expensive artist was Chris Martin, lead singer & # 39; Coldplay, which has about 2 million to play Viva La Vida, Yellow, Fix You and A Sky Full of Stars, among other hits of the English group. "The cache & # 39; singer is growing for a wedding or a private event rather than a normal concert. Bring only in & # 39; specific place and without being on a trip already raises its price", explained to LOC about it lease.

Moreover, the heirs & # 39; Inditex and son & # 39; Roberto Torretta also said to Norah Jones and to Jaime CULLUM the banquet on Saturday 17, while the night ended with & # 39; some DJs & # 39; deluxe Mark Ronson – famous for its productions for Lady Gaga , Bruno Mars and Amy Winehouse- and Martinez Brothers & # 39; Puerto Ricans. Also, Michael Blume traveled from New York to sing on Friday 16.

Team Bride:

Marta Ortega was radiant. As had advanced, the Galician bridal dress was designed especially by Pierpaolo Piccioli, the creative director & # 39; Valentino. But the heirs & # 39; Zara He also brought three other unique pieces & # 39; Piccioli couture made between Friday and Saturday.

The daughter & # 39; Amancio Ortega had an excellent team & # 39; image consultants. Andrea Martinelli was what drew his hairstyle, but was later executed by Paul Hanlon, who usually works with & # 39; Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Moschino and Calvin Klein.

The guests:

The Executive & # 39; Zara He has many friends in the industry. Some of them are celebrities who are part of the circle & # 39; your confidence. The model Eugenia Silva and her partner, Alfonso de Borbón; Jon Kortajarena the model, Rafael Medina and Laura de Vecinos or photographer Gonzalo Machado are his friends. Machado and his wife, the gallerista and designer & # 39; inside Mafalda Muñoz, were the ones who introduced Carlos and Marta at the beginning of 2016. The Argentine influwenzatur Sofia Sánchez de BETAK and her husband Alex de BETAK were other important names in the fashion universe were present. Also Athina Onassis heir, friend & # 39; Marta and friends in the equestrian circuit.

The German photographer Peter Lindbergh.

Amancio Ortega and his wife, Flora Pérez.

The actress Amaia Salamanca – accompanied by her partner, the Rosau dealer.

Mixed wedding, honeymoon and luxury paradisjoloġiku: this marriage & # 39; Mauro and his wife Szeta

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