Sunday , June 26 2022

Those called to receive from River Gymnastics


river receive next Sunday in Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata, At 21.30, at the time 14 League Football Super League. Marcelo Gallardo, The game & # 39; Millo, announced Thursday afternoon the list of & # 39; sued for that duel.

With his head in the final of the Copa Libertadores against mouth On Sunday 9 & # 39; December in – stadium & # 39; Santiago Bernabu, the – Mueco girl arranged with the majority of & # 39; substitutes and young people to receive Wolf in – landmark.

It Rafael Santos Borri (Which is suspended for the Superfinal b & # 39; yellow accumulation), Lux Germn, Lucas Quarta Martnez, Jorge Moreira, Bruno Zuculini, Nicol de la Cruz and Camilo Mayada, among those who have more presence in the first team. The rest, with almost no participation in the First Division.

In addition, Luciano Lollo I was ruled by & # 39; injury. The defender suffered an injury in the second metatarsal of the right foot, so came out of areas by 2019. Recovery requires, at least, monthly.

Lollo, Which emerged in & # 39; Bernrano de Crdoba and wearing the colors & # 39; Racing Club de Avellaneda, add three seasons representing The Band. In his cycle in river, Had fifteen game, converted purpose and was operated at & # 39; four & # 39; occasions. This new lesion does not involve surgery or placement & # 39; plaster to mobilize the area.

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