Sunday , April 2 2023

Three women died in & # 39; crash on Route 34



A collective one tourism company collided with & # 39; car swivels wanted "U", according to police sources.

The event takes place on route 34, A short distance from the intersection with 11 pathway, b & # 39; more precisely at the height of the city & # 39; La TIJERAS.

In principle, it occurs three women They were driven lives are lost on Citroën C4 wanted to double in & # 39; "U" and did not inform the micro came very close.

The collective, which belongs to the tourism company "Jocoli", The province & # 39; Salta, circulated passengers, mostly from Bolivia, were not damaged. Both finished with micro driver & # 39; tratumiżmu in the left shoulder.

The fatal victims were trapped between the twisted path of the vehicle.

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