Tuesday , August 9 2022

Tinelli spoke about the message & # 39; Cande when reminded that suffered bulimia and anorexia: "It was very courageous what he said"


The driver was proud of the way his daughter explained her fight against eating disorders.

Marcelo Tinelli spoke with defense & # 39; Intruders of Cande about bulimia and anorexia

At the beginning of the month, Cande Tinelli (28) used his social network to make a profound and personal confession: the daughter & # 39; Marcelo Tinelli (58) told his followers more than 3 million Instagram who, during 12 years of his life, had anorexia and bulimia. And he made with & # 39; mild message.

"I want to open your eyes, I had anorexia and bulimia from 15 to 27. Użen of & # 39; 10 kilos less than today, five years without menstruation, extreme loss of & # 39; hair, depression and bad mood, not was able to enjoy anything, just locked. see people, the attacks & # 39; panic and social phobia, all this and many other things, that really regret that existed, so many beautiful moments I missed because of this * disease that took my life completely, and people around me, who know well the għamilthom live bad times. Thank you for ħadimni from this, thank you for your love and your patience, especially dad and my Micaela, salvatni my family, "says limestone sincere message & # 39; Cande. However, a few days after the young woman decided to remove the posting.

"It was very courageous everything Cande said and serves as testimony to many girls who have been through it, passing through that, to be able to help."

Present at the body of the sixth anniversary celebration of the shoe brand & # 39; his wife, Guillermina Valdés, Tinelli was addressed by nutero of & # 39; Intrużuri and consulted on the subject.

"As I took the message your daughter?" He asked Alejandro Guatti. And the driver was proud confession of his daughter: "Irċevejtha b & # 39; many emotions, it was very exciting for the whole family, was very courageous everything Cande said and serves as testimony to many girls who have gone to, through that, to be able to help. "

Then, Marcelo stated: "I think it was something very good and We are very proud of it. The courage to be is what Cande always welcome good and what I admire most about. I love it (the message) għajnaha with joy, b & # 39; big Emotion and b & # 39; much enthusiasm within all "family.

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