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Tremor in & # 39; Bus Buenos Aires: "Earthquake as we had can & # 39; to be repeated every ten years" – 11/30/2018


Week & # 39; rest, with the summit of G-20 in its wake, the Buenos Aires armed survived the unthinkable: earthquake & # 39; size 3.8, Which had its epicenter in & # 39; 10.27, about 30 kilometers from La Plata, near the party & # 39; Esteban Echeverría.

Central Meteorological Observatory Service, in the neighborhood of & # 39; & # 39 of Buenos Aires; Villa Ortúzar, operates the only sismometru of the city & # 39; Buenos Aires, presented by Raúl BERTERO by the director of the Laboratory & # 39; Dynamic Structures of the Faculty of Engineering of the UBA.

"Despite the rarity, The truth is that I was not surprised by the earthquake, since it is expect 2014, When I brought the seismograph in our laboratory. Yes, I admit that it happened much earlier than imagined, but I expected, "says BERTERO, adding."There will be other more b & # 39; health, but in a long time"

Why sismografiku laboratory in & # 39; a city like Buenos Aires, practically devoid earthquake? "Given the events that occurred in the area in the 19th century and given what we know is happening in Chile, this city, along with the type and amount of the building, deserve scientific study"

To face work with & # 39; seriously, "it was necessary to have a means to record the soil accelerations when an earthquake occurs at & # 39; some latitude, which is why we order with the dean was in -2014 and faculty invested about 20 thousand dollars brought from the United States. "

Earthquake in the province & # 39; Buenos Aires

11/30/2018 10:27:38 – Size 3.8 to 25 km deep.

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source: INPRES Infografija: Clar

"That's seismometers is in place changes the facts, because we judge how the seismic waves arrive directly in the ground & # 39; Buenos Aires. To have the seismometers & # 39; away from moving seismic waves move but not as they are, since losing the intensity according to the distance traveled ", explains BERTERO, also vice-dean of the Faculty of Engineering of -UBA.

"Every place has an earthquake occurs with soil & # 39; different characteristics." Buenos Aires is 300 meters & # 39; soil on the rocks, what influences the way you feel the seismic movement in the Capital ".

In 1888 there was an earthquake & # 39; high intensity in the Río de la Plata: 5.5 on the Richter scale, causing severe damage and even tsunami, although there were no victims. "An earthquake like this happens every hundred years in & # 39; this region, which is & # 39; low seismicity, while like this one earthquake Friday It is likely period & # 39; recurrence and can & # 39; happens every decade"

BERTERO stresses the need to understand that "the possibility of a local earthquake like this and even slightly larger, so it is important to update seismic regulations". Who should be responsible? "We seismic National Institute of Prevention (INPRES) f & # 39; San Juan made a great job to make seismic standards for our country, but I think to adjust some aspects, especially with regard to & # 39; & # 39 seismic actions in; Buenos Aires Bus"

BERTERO says that most of the tremors were felt in building & # 39; five or six floors, "which recorded the greatest amplification of seismic waves." Not all feel the same building, because they vibrate at different frequencies according to height. One thing is if we go on a footpath and another if in the kitchen on the fifth floor. "

Beyond fright and rarity, the earthquake & # 39; Buenos Aires "is equivalent to a small earthquake, b & # 39; less energy, virtually harmless, Which can & # 39; not noted in & # 39; many localities of the Capital and the Province ".

F & # 39; high frame, f & # 39; Toro Madero, earthquake like what we had "practically does not feel it, but suffers earthquake in Chile." Why? Earthquakes on the other side of the Cordillera arriving at much lower frequencies that have an impact on the long building. distant earthquakes excite skyscrapers and nearby earthquakes, low building"

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