Sunday , May 28 2023

Two groups clashed in the neighborhood & # 39; & # 39 of Buenos Aires; Caballito: there are 14 injured


Two buses clashed in the neighborhood & # 39; Caballito day morning, the serious traffic accident Wednesday. The first reports revealed a balance of 14 wounded different account. Among these are minor.

The incident occurred just before 8 & # 39; in the morning at the intersection of & # 39; Rivadavia Avenue and Hortiguera Street. The local volunteer fire brigade, the police personnel City, emergency teams and Civil Defense representatives were immediately on site.

The incident made by inmates of the line 141 and another line 5. Both vehicles traveled in the same direction and, in & # 39; circumstances are still unknown, the line group 5 has been incorporated in part a & # 39; after the t line 141.

"One of the groups was set up and the other was attacked from behind, there were wounds that break away from the glass, trauma to the body due to several falls inside the bus, there was a child who was traveling with Atari 39; his mother, has already been reviewed and m & # 39; has no serious injury, "said Alberto Crescent, the head of & # 39; Same, talking with & # 39; Radio Network.

The presence of specialized experts had expected the site to be able to define responsibilities on the fact.

According Crescent, there were no persons trapped in any of the two groups and the injured were referred to the hospital & # 39; Durand, Alvarez and Piñero.

It is expected that during afternoon, both drivers giving collective statement to those responsible for the investigation to help determine the reasons of the accident.

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