Sunday , June 11 2023

Two other positive cases are added to & # 39; Epuyén


B & # 39; two other positive cases & # 39; Hantavirus, the Ministry of Health & # 39; Chubut confirmed that 16 people contracted the disease in & # 39; Epuyén.

The director of the programmatic area of ​​Esquel, Jorge Elías, explained that "There were two suspected cases and yesterday afternoon, the rapid test was positive"

"Probably, we are in the final stages of & # 39; this chain & # 39; transmission. We believe that it is facing final situation of the outbreak that is what we want," he said.

Yesterday learned that a child & # 39; 7 years was transferred to the hospital Ramón Carrillo on Saturday morning. Elías clarified that the child remains "in intensive care unit with a stable picture"

"F & # 39; in this case, the first streaming tested positive for Hantavirus. This boy / girl was f & # 39; contact & # 39; positive cases in hospital in & # 39; Eququel: elderly woman was on a ventilator but is already in & # 39; common room in the process of & # 39; recovery. When the child had the first symptoms we have identified hanta was possibly due to the epidemiological link"Indicated Elías.

Although the child's parents traveled to Bariloche, the official remarked that "they did it through & # 39; strict measures & # 39; biosecurity. Before tivvjaġġaw, we all recommendations."

He said that the last days "the team working in the area & # 39; Epuyén worked against the clock, and identified one by one the close contacts of cases. On 30 and 31 December, We approfondejna the measures we have been more than 20 days ago"B & # 39; this way, all people considered" contacts & # 39; positive cases "must maintain selective isolation in their home, using ċinstrap, wash their hands constantly and keep a certain distance from other people." It is monitored so that these measures run & # 39; hereinafter, "said Elías.

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