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Unicaba born to sticks


Creating & # 39; university that generates should be a celebration, to m & # 39; has detractor (or very little) and stand near b & # 39; unanimously. If you happen between tear gas and blows, preparing to press security forces and vote alone, because it is not creating a new university:'re doing something else. In the UNICABA case, even if the government & # 39; Buenos Aires continues to reject, this "other thing" is the end of the Institutes for Teacher Training. The head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, never abandoned his intention to exchange these institutes to one university consumes much less staff and resources. The only thing that has been the strategy of change. However, this new approach either increased votes & # 39; the opposition nor have allowed approve it without external repression, scandal and protests.

We ndunawha the origin of the project: the university is UNICABA & # 39; foreclosure. It has been proposed to eliminate 29 Institutes income. The resistance of teachers generated only change to the project. (On the original initiative and shortcomings that I had – most of them went – I recommend other again & # 39; revised this article by Laura González Velasco.)

The new project, as also noted here, was not very different from the old. In both cases the fault is the same: there was no dialogue with the teaching community. The Minister of Education & # 39; Buenos Aires, Soledad Acuña, arrived this week to justify this lack of & # 39; discussion with the educational community. "There vice of & # 39; origin, addiction to take the decisions should always consult. It is educational ceterismo", defined minister before Clar. Subordination and value.

The secretary general of the UTE-CTERA, Eduardo López, answered everything reminds him too much in the Federal Law of Education of the nineties: voted laws in force, b & # 39; a small margin & # 39; votes, b & # 39; road repression and educational experiments they fail to run. (If this is similar to Federal Law, Acuña will be the current version & # 39; Susana Decibe?).

Lopez also noted that the new university was voted by fencing and repression. Early on there was a police scuffle towards teachers and militants & # 39; left to kkampjaw to protest (f & # 39; this point, the PRO management, crushing teacher is a common sport ). The legislators were decided come as fugitives on 4 & # 39; in the morning to the Legislature. Meanwhile, legislators Victoria Montenegro and Myriam Bregman were attacked by police & # 39; Buenos Aires. When identified themselves and told them who wanted to come, Bregman said, the agent replied: "And I take care!" This police did not identify, contrary to the law created by the City Police. Montenegro legislature showed images a & # 39; this agent and civilian person in the crowd waving "like bold bar". Perhaps the security minister from Buenos Aires, Martín Ocampo, can & # 39; gives some explanation about the surprising similarity of the police gang and agitated infiltratur.

In addition to sticks and gases (which also reached the legislator IN Patricio Del Corro, while talking with the press), the iron discipline of the party was prevalent: they got the law & # 39; UNICABA without consent, by 34 votes Vamos Juntos, including PRO and the Civic Coalition. The leader & # 39; the latter space, Elisa Carrió, left his silence to support the movement: "Creating & # 39; this university comes to answer the central question: trainers trainers ".

occasional phrase that says nothing about the fate awaiting the Institutes for Teacher Training, which will now be evaluated and, if the fears of unions confirmed, set b & # 39; progressive way and manner ( this is the main difference with, that ħassarhom a stroke). B & # 39; difference Institutes, f & # 39; UNICABA there is no co-government or elections to the kloisters: the rector is chosen by Larreta. University and institutes coexist but to create an agency to assess exclusively to it & # 39; last. Mariano Palamidessi, who recently resigned from the National Institute of Educational Evaluation & # 39; Uruguay with technocratic criticism & # 39; "Political influence" on his evaluations, is the handler. Palamidessi advocates assessed organisms m & # 39; & # 39 x have nothing; to say about what they decide.

And those are just some of the problems that the project had changed and not changed before the law. The only change was that required by the Church: she asked to participate in the criterion & # 39; evaluation Institutes and is not required to use the same system that the public sector will have, and given. The Church has a specific interest, for 44 private training institutes.

A interesting thread on Twitter journalist Florencia Halfon, Laksmann reveal other serious problems the project: the securities will not have national validity, educational autonomy disappears, among other tips. Also, remember that the Chamber I of the Appeals Chamber in & # 39; Contentious Administrative Matters ordered the government & # 39; Buenos Aires to provide information & # 39; reliable the educational community about the project and the transfer of & # 39; teachers and non-teachers. This was due to the fact that the report submitted by the Ministry & # 39; Education & # 39; Buenos Aires before the Judicial Power was considered insufficient. They never explained why, instead created UNICABA, not articulated with UBA or the National Pedagogical University (UNIPE), which already exists.

In short, nobody understands ending x & # 39; ll be meaning to generate new academic structure coincide with & # 39; those & # 39; before when the slogan of the national government to adjust and adjust. Unless UNICABA not part of the adjustment.

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