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Valeria Mazza: "Do not feel less woman as husband iċċaħħadni b & # 39; certain attitudes"


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The femminiżmu is a subject that always creates controversy, and in & # 39; these days,

Valeria Mazza

Who has been in the eye of the storm because of their views. First
Each program in the afternoon, from her friend Maju Lozano, and
After lunch & # 39; & # 39 south; Mirtha Legrand, the model did not hesitate to say what they think. invited to
PH: We can talk, Was responsible for ċċirkulaw clarify certain statements in the press last week.

"Do not have made statements, we were talking among women, among friends … I came to the program & # 39; Maju, we partner from kindergarten f & # 39; Parana, and I speak for women. Women I am pro-women ", he clarified. "With love in the world, I said in favor of their rights, of & # 39; fairness, but I think we do not ngħaddix men, I am in favor of the fight but ngħidx so that femininity is lost".

Valeria turned as she experienced the repercussions of & # 39; what you say. "The controversial word figured out & # 39; nowhere, people began to express their views, but the truth is that 98% of the comments were seen for what they said." I do not think it is terrible to talk about femininity in women ", explained." I think it's a time where people are very aggressive in any matter, everything generates controversy, not a good time and we are on defense, I believe in -diversità, with respect to & # 39; everything, and I think we can talk. "

"What I said is that I love the man, and do not feel bad or damaged if a man opens the door for me." My attitude is that you think 'I can not make it think ", my attitude is" Thank you. " I love gentleman, romantic, do not feel less woman as husband iċċaħħadni b & # 39; certain attitudes ", he said." I think it is a matter & # 39; habit, a & # 39; education, a & # 39; good taste, and if tħobbhiex, is perfect, do not accept it. "

The model acknowledged it is aware that we live in & # 39; macho society. "Women have won many battles, but we still have much to fight, if they look back, 30 or 50 years ago, women in & # 39; this society have played a totally different," he reflected. "Today women have a more active role and more present, this is great and it is because there was fighting, and many more revolutions."

On the issue of & # 39; Andy Kusnetzoff, said Valeria referring to an anecdote on the table in & # 39; Mirtha, where she revealed that her husband, Alejandro Gravier,
After birth, she showed him photos before pregnancy and asked to recover the figure. "Ale went and told me," Look, you must be so ", and rrejtni because it looks so funny, funny", he said. "He is not a tyrant, b & # 39; any way, I enjoy my pregnancy terribly, I gained 20 kilos in & # 39; each and then did train to can be good and going back to work, but never asked anything me ".

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