Saturday , August 20 2022

Velez earned his first win as a visitor


Midfielder Nicolás Domínguez, 12 minutes & # 39; the first half, was in charge of opening the road to victory & # 39; "Fortín", b & # 39; strike by & # 39; shot from the left side after Matías Vargas was allowed space.

At rest, when the Union was a bunch of & # 39; nerves because it could not generate clear situations to meet the commitment, superb free kick by Lucas Robertone condemned story to run by Gabriel HEINZE, ten minutes from end.

Therefore, Velez reached 21 points, topped the "Tatengue" in class and was confirmed in & # 39; area qualifying for international Cups.

It was an attractive game in the preview, because the elasticity of the teams & # 39; HEINZE usually exhibit and order & # 39; Leonardo Carol Madelón.

It is true that the early end of & # 39; Dominguez modified the whole structure, as it appeared within the diagonal area with space and received great ratings from Matías Vargas to define half a lap angle of the first suit and leaves Nereo Fernández without a chance.

By driving & # 39; Gastón Gimenez, the "Fortín" ran the game, with vertikalità of & # 39; Domínguez and Vargas, along with freshness & # 39; Thiago young Almada to justify the result.

The Union suffered non & # 39; pregnancy ideas and had to resort to shots & # 39; half the length, such as Manuel de Iriondo, performers Lucas Hoyos post office.

At rest, the tone of the game has not been modified, Madelón sought to change with changes in air but the defense & # 39; Velez was working perfectly, b & # 39; order and enviable intensity.

The free kick into the area door was a good opportunity to Liniers to solving history and Robertone admitted that fallax, hit the ball to place it in the top left corner of & # 39; Nereo Fernandez, who could not even react.

The difference to the "Fortín" could have been wider & # 39 ;, but Jonathan Ramis came to the ball with & # 39; compensation, which is defined away.

The equal number endangered the victory & # 39; Velez, to seal a good output in & # 39; Santa Fe to continue growing in the standings.

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